LOTRO could be next "mass-market" MMO News

Lord of the Rings Online's executive producer Jeffrey Steefel has told Eurogamer that he thinks the Turbine game is the most likely MMO to achieve mass-market success, after World of Warcraft.

"There's another level of success, which is reaching a certain mass-market critical mass, which to be totally fair, only Blizzard has achieved completely so far," Steefel said in an interview published today.

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Cartesian3D3727d ago

I dont want to say that NOBODY CAN.. but there is difference between BLIZZARD (with 3000 staff born to make AAA titles,best art design and management in gaming market) and other developers like this one..

you need a REALLY huge budget and labor for making sth bigger than WARCRAFT IP (rts and MMO) in term of replay value,story,gameplay,popularit y,awesomeness ..

you are right Im a Blizzard fan.. but if you are a REAL gamer you would respect them too..

Good luck with that.. Jeffrey Steefel.

ELite_Ghost3727d ago

they clearly said, after WoW... calm down lol