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Sony Ships 1 Million PS3s in N. America

(AP) - In an important early look at the pivotal holiday sales season, Sony Corp. said it met its goal of shipping 1 million PlayStation 3 consoles to North America in 2006 despite ongoing production problems with the still hard-to-find video game system.

The figure is about half of Sony's stated goal of 2 million PS3s globally by the end of 2006. The company did not disclose a global tally in the announcement, made at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sony has dominated previous rounds of the console wars with the PlayStation 1 and 2, but it is still undecided who will grab the lead this time around -- the PS3, or its two chief rivals: Nintendo Co.'s Wii and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp.

The PS3's launch had been delayed in the United States from the spring to November, yet supply problems were still evident when it went for sale on Nov. 17.

The company ended up selling 197,000 PS3s on launch day, less than half of the 400,000 it had initially forecast. The market research company NPD Group estimated that U.S. consumers bought 476,000 Wiis in the two weeks following its Nov. 19 launch.

Sony officials have attributed the limited supply to manufacturing glitches with blue laser diodes, the technological heart of the system's high-capacity, high-definition Blu-ray disk drive.

Sony spokesman Dave Karraker said the company has been airlifting additional PS3s each week and will continue to do so through spring, if necessary.

Though updated figures were not available, a Nintendo spokeswoman said the company's earlier prediction to ship 4 million units by the end of the year was still on target.

Microsoft said Sunday it had sold 10.4 million Xbox 360s through the end of 2006. That narrowly beat the company's earlier stated goal of 10 million. The company expects to sell 13-15 million Xbox 360s by the end of its fiscal year in June, Microsoft spokesman David Hufford said.

Both Sony and Nintendo are projecting selling 6 million consoles by the end of March. Sony expects to start shipping the PS3 to Europe sometime that month as well.

Selling machines in large numbers is crucial in the gaming business because it encourages software companies to make more games, which in turn boosts console sales.

Sony controlled the previous generation with 70 percent of the global market, including 35 million PlayStation 2 consoles in the United States. The original Xbox was second with nearly 15 million sold, followed by 11 million Nintendo GameCubes.

At this early stage with the next-generation consoles, Sony isn't concerned if rivals Microsoft or Nintendo end up selling more units because the overall industry is benefiting from very strong demand, Karraker said.

"Are we worried about strong sales of the Wii or Xbox 360? Not really," he said. "It was a great year for the industry overall. With the tide all ships rise (Industry, PS3)

ironwolf  +   3243d ago
but definatly not sold.
original seed  +   3243d ago
still good news for sony fans and
im glad to hear Xbox has met the 10 million mark because that means more games for me. I have a wii and sales are still going strong but i dont see any games i'll be getting on the horizon.
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DJ  +   3243d ago
That's just North America
I wonder how many units they were able to put out in Japan. If they can get 4 million units out by the end of March they should be in good shape, especially with some really big titles coming out during that timeframe.
TheMART  +   3243d ago
DJ explain me one thing

In another post you're just saying sales for the PS3 won't pick up till march or something like that, because people spend all their money already for last year (and probably paying of credit cards for Christmas spendings).

So about 800k consoles sold now, in 1,5 month. How do you think it'll ever be possible to sell another 3.2 million consoles in just 3 months, when sales (according to yourself also) slow down at the moment???

Even if it keeps selling at the rate of the past 1.5 month, there will be only 2 x 800k sold. That's 1.6 million for these 3 months. That's 2.4 million PS3 units total at the end of March. And the speed of selling declines indeed. So they may be happy hitting 1.8 to 2 million I guess by then

I am curious how Europe/Australia/rest of the world sold in Wii and 360. 360 sold 2 million units in North America alone. Now those are numbers of meaning
MicroGamer  +   3243d ago
They'd better start selling
in March. With Motorstorm and Heavenly Sword both due out by then and the European launch. If sales are still disappointing by the end of the month, it will be proof that PS3 has failed.
Sevir04  +   3243d ago
it really doesn't matter
Sales will jump the whole world is waiting for the heavy hitters of that period. Virtua fighter, heavenly sowrd and Lair are all expected at that time as well as fear, and oblivian and Fatal inertia. and if the european launch isn't enough with rainbow six and splinter cell ready for launch you can expect europe to really cling to this launch... they have had well over and extra 5 months to pintch their pennies and euros and to save so Sony will most definately generate it's revenues there. and then durning the march to june period we'll see DMC4, warhawk, Mercenaries, UT2007 and a whole slew of other killer titles flood the stores and drive the buyer of ps3 insane because they will have to get DMC... and Resistance hasn't even been factored in. it 's the ps3's biggest seller here in the US so imagine what it's gonna be like over there when only good things can be heard about insomniacs Shooter. oh and then theres the ps3's online store as well yep sony is gonna profit alot and people are gonna start seeing the Ps3 blossom the same way the 360 did in it's first year. all i have to say is christmas 2007 is gonna be a beast. sony could hit hard with a possible outing off FF13 and a definate sure shock head stot kill with MGS4 and an if GG can push it Killzone, and off cousre rockstars GTA4. all this will have to work well and publishers and developers must position there chips to reap the benifits of this holiday season. Mario is coming Metriod is coming, Halo is coming so hey Sony's got work cut out but it looks bright
joemutt  +   3243d ago
Their goal was only 1 mill??
I thought it was 6.
DJ  +   3243d ago
Their goal was 2 million by the end of the year
but honestly, I'm amazed they even got half that number considering they only launched with like 200 thousand units. Will they get 6 million by the end of March? Probably not, but I have no clue how many units they're preparing for Europe.
Optimus Prime  +   3243d ago
they want 7 million now.
THAMMER1  +   3243d ago
This is good news.
1 million in 6 weeks. No matter how much they failed in other areas this is still O.K. Now they need to convince gamers who are on the fence. We will see how the next few month play out after the Euro launch.
gnothe1  +   3243d ago
I dont think
they need to convince many people that the P3 i a good machine!! they need to convince them that it worth 600 dollars!!
super bill  +   3243d ago
none sold in europe though.the 360 is still king.
calderra  +   3242d ago
Microsoft shipped 1.3M units during their worldwide launch, with the least units shipped to Japan. Sony focused on only two territories, and barely hit that same number, screwing Europe.

Sony's own executives last week: Europe is critical to winning this generation.

Hey, they're not my words.
no_more_heroes  +   3242d ago
I don't know what the ps3 will offer in the future,
but I will definately buy one eventually because of what happened with the ps2. There was always one or two games that came out that I wanted to play, but my 12 year old sister is the one with the ps2 (the only reason I got an xbox in the first place was because my parents didn't want to buy two ps2's) so I couldn't really get them. However, the 360 is having that same appeal the ps2 had, plus I see the number 360 everywhere - on license plate numbers, calculation results, especially when I'm at a cash register (I wonder why ???). I'll get the ps3 after I get my 360 when its in my price range. Right now, the 360 has the games that I want and will want for the next year:

Gears of War
Kameo: Elements of Power (I'm serious)
Enchanted Arms (still serious)
Test Drive Unlimited

Lost Planet
Mass Effect
Armored Core 4
Blue Dragon
Halo 3
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Zinswin  +   3242d ago
Cough, Cough...
"despite ongoing production problems with the still hard-to-find video game system..."

Yeah, it's hard to find in JC Penny. Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City have plenty...
ThomasDaGamer  +   3242d ago
The reply button isn't working so I'll do it here.

Are you hinting towards the fact that the PS3 hasn't launched there, or are you so ignorant that you don't even know a thing about the PS3 (like the fact that it launches March or so this year in Europe), but just like to say bad things about it anyway?

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