Phil Spencer on the next Halo, Lionhead, and Windows 10 gaming - PC Gamer

The Xbox boss speaks candidly about troubled launches and the future of Xbox games on Windows.

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gtxgamer2796d ago

Too many halos.. stopped playing them after 4

Playable_Gamez796d ago

I feel like Halo 6 is going to be the last of the Chief Saga. MS does need to put Halo to rest and move on. They can keep the franchise alive, but put the traditional games to rest.

Benchm4rk792d ago

I hope it's not the last of Chief but I do agree they need to put Halo to rest for a while or at the least the Master Chief story. MS needs to start investing more money into developing new IPs and bringing their production level and advertising to a higher level. ReCore for example looks promising but also looks like it could of used some extra millions on polish and advertising.

OpieWinston796d ago

Have you read the books. The universe is massive. Not exploring it would be an injustice to the expansive universe that was created by the writers.

ElementX796d ago

Are the books even written by anybody associated with Microsoft and Halo or are they non cannon fan fic basically?

OpieWinston796d ago

Fan Fic? All the books I've read are canon and both Eric Nylund and Joseph Staten.

DonkeyWalrus795d ago


Halo books are definitely not fan fiction. All the Halo novels and comic books are official canon.

OpieWinston796d ago

"Where I’ll push back on unification is I’m not trying to turn console into PC or PC into console. What I think about is connecting. So as I’m sitting on my PC I’m connected to my Live community, when I’m on my console I’m connected to the same Live community."
IDK how many times Phil will have to say the same thing but it looks like for the rest of time people will still say he'll abandon consoles to go into PC only gaming.

slate91796d ago

Opie, dont forget, MS's "investors" are trying to sell off the gaming division. They arent interested in making consoles anymore and want xbox as a "service"...except they just announced 2 more consoles :p

danny818796d ago

Phil Spencer is a little devil....he is ensuring PC developers to fully get on board with this idea so eventually they would be developing for the Xbox brand as they make PC PC developers getting 2x as much sales on both ends and Xbox getting more games....