Disaster: Day of Crisis - More Details

N-Europe reports:

"Ex-US-Marine Raymond Bryce will drive, swim, run and shoot through 23 sections, while they are being destroyed by volcanos, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Furthermore he'll have to fight a dubious terrorist organisation called SURGE.

Ray will have to find fresh air when his lungs are filled with smoke and he'll have to eat to regain his strength. The player will have to save citizens from various dangerous situations and even apply first-aid measures. He'll also have to defuse bombs and whatnot using the Wii-mote and nunchuck."

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unsunghero283756d ago

Excuse me?

Also, could there be a WORSE time to reveal a game that features hurricanes as a gameplay element?

Intrepid3756d ago

The game was originally delayed because of the natural disasters in China. Now Gustav is happening. Stuff like this is always going to happen. They might as well release it.

Also, gang violence occurs almost everywhere, everyday. Did that stop Saint's Row or GTA from being released?

Tellyn3755d ago

Means choice morsel or a tasty bit of food - the English equivalent of tidbits.

EvilxM3756d ago

Go Japanese Jack Bauer, go!

Jadedz3756d ago

Lets just hope that the game is good(it better be after taking 10 years to make!)