God of War team considered setting the new game in Egypt

The God of War we saw unveiled at Sony's press conference was an unfamiliar one. Kratos is back, but he's now got himself a son and a massive beard. There's a new camera angle to consider and a story that might have something to say about fatherhood. And then there's the setting!

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mochachino908d ago

Egyptian gods are cool but I like the new setting.

Although new PS4 exclusives run the risk of all games having that same 'woods' look.

no_more_heroes908d ago

Noticed that myself. All of GoW, Horizon and Days Gone had some similar looking woods area.

I'm not complaining, especially when they look that pretty. :)

miyamoto907d ago

Kratos vs Thor vs all other Asgardian Gods is fine by me

I-Hate-usernames908d ago

The norse setting fits more IMO. But i need a game set in egypt. Wonder why developers not make one.

Movefasta1993907d ago

let's be real,if it were set in egypt we wouldn't be complaigning.It's going to epic no matter where it's set.

Zorkaz907d ago

There's a ton of stuff to be had in all mythologies in the end. Some are more fitting than others, that's all.

ginsunuva906d ago

Because any game in Egypt would just look like this: https://perstoremyr.files.w...

no_more_heroes908d ago

I would LOVE a GoW type game in an Egyptian setting!

Come to think of it, why hasn't that happened yet? A game like that (of good quality) would probably sell boatloads!

gangsta_red907d ago

That would have been cool too.

Maybe after this story they can make a new God of War with that setting.

UbiquitousClam907d ago

Well I assume they chose this setting because Kratos ran out of Greek gods to kill. So I suppose once he has ran out of Viking gods to kill he can move on the killing all of the Egyptian gods next.

This series will end with him eventually taking out Jesus!

death_gun907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

maybe a kratos vs jesus rap battle?

that would be an epic ending

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The story is too old to be commented.