‘Destiny’ Dropped Last-Gen Support Because It Would Have Meant Cutting Content

Inq: Destiny has officially cut off new content for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, meaning the upcoming Rise of Iron will not hit last-gen consoles. Bungie Community Manager David “Deej” Dague took to the various stages at E3 2016 where he explained why only PS4 and Xbox One owners will continue forward.

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nunley33641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

It's amazing that the PS3 was able to run Destiny and Taken King as well as it did but this isn't surprising,we need to move forward with PS4 only versions so they're not held back by the last generation,compromises would need and have been made. Hopefully FFXIV will do the same with their next expansion.

Shubhendu_Singh641d ago

I don't play Destiny so my opinion might mean less but...It is 2016, about time we cut old consoles completely off.

Even new consoles are going to come. X360 and PS3 really had some god amazing mileage.

Fist4achin640d ago

I guess you could say it was in its Destiny..., no? (Crickets chirping). Ahem, clears throat and exits stage. Sorry, bored moment and I had a second or three!

Kribwalker640d ago

Wouldn't be the first time they cut content from this game

exkalibur97640d ago

Sargent, we have reports of shots fired

Butters360640d ago

Makes sense. I've been told by my friends that the Touch of Malice doesn't even spin on the Legacy consoles.

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