Todd Howard Says PS4 Console Mods Still Have "Hurdles"

Todd Howard told Newsweek that there are still issues like storage and licensing preventing the release of PS4 console mods.

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MasterD919760d ago

Well, they're working great on Xbox, especially with the update, so I'm sure they'll work out the kinks eventually. Kinda sucks that they're forcing a schedule on themselves though.

Zeref760d ago

How the tables have turned. Xbox One seems to be more open than Playstation now.

dreamoner760d ago

Comes with the territory and the deal they made with Beth a year ago.

xMANB3ARP1G759d ago

please tell me more i keep seeing ppl talk about this but i dont remember any deal between the 2 (not saying it didnt happen just dont remember it

dreamoner759d ago

They partnered up from the start, I don't remember if FO4 or DLCs came early to xbone but they announced mods coming to xbone first, from the start at e3 2015 xbox conference.

Sunny_D760d ago

Have you even read the article? MS and Bethesda have been working together to release the mods since Fallout 4 and the whole Windows platform that made it a bit easier. Not like Sony is closing them off. Sony would still be considered more open than MS, hence why indie games release on PS4 and not XBOX and the fact that finally after a long time, MS finally allowed cross platform play.

Zeref760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

"hence why indie games release on PS4 and not XBOX."
Is that why there are more than a 1000 indie games coming to xbox?

At least Microsoft is making sure we're not getting stupid Mario clones.

freshslicepizza760d ago

ms had cross platform play many years ago in a game called shadowrun. so now what is the hold up with games like rocket league allowing ps4 and xbox one players together?

KillZallthebeast760d ago

Playstion was the first console to support mods with the ps3 and unreal tournament...historically Bethesda also has a history of shafting sony with support every step of the way

gtxgamer2760d ago

This is probably the realest comment on n4g lol

thekhurg759d ago

Bethesda has been in Microsoft's pocket since last generation. Everything on Playstation is "complicated" for them -despite the PS4 being fully open and easier to develop for.

xMANB3ARP1G759d ago

i love their games but im pretty sure todd howard and bill gates have a lemon party every other week.

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Nero2142760d ago

Its funny how they managed to ''monetize'' mods anyway , by integrating them into all game versions they got free game upgrade in value

Rachel_Alucard760d ago

"We were the first to release expansions on consoles"

Sonic and Knuckles, Grand theft auto London, and FF11 suddenly vanished from existence?

dreamoner760d ago

Also, if you ask him, he'd say Fallout 4 was the 2015 goty and he is the director of 4 consecutive gotys.

lobocob760d ago

hurdles kinda rhymes with turtles. I love those guys 🐢

scark92760d ago

Thanks for your input xD

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