PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Draws No Crowd at E3 2016

"Unfortunately Days Gone isn’t pulling in much of a crowd to its behind-closed-doors theater." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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ninsigma521d ago

That's a shame. I think it shows promise personally. The problem might be that we've had a lot of these kinds of games now that people aren't that bothered anymore. I think it could be cool so I'll keep an eye on it.

lelo2play520d ago

Days Gone looks like a Naughty Dog game. With the release of Uncharted 4 a few weeks back, maybe people are getting fed up with these type of games.

naruga520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

i found the gameplay really enjoyable, if it wasnt that hilly billy protagonist would be even better

bouzebbal520d ago

I have seen games like uncharted that drew no crowds at gamescom..means nothing

Jburr94520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I don't know, people are going crazy over God of War, it was the third most talked about game across social media. So your statement is invalid. It's probably zombie games fatigue.

Timesplitter14520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I'd say it's a combination of zombie game fatigue and "linear cinematic third person shooter" fatigue

Also I don't really see what GoW has to do with what he said, unless you are the kind of people who would think that any criticism of Days Gone is secretly a thinly-veiled attack on Sony/PS4 itself, and you wanted to make the point that people were still excited about other Sony games.

Erik7357520d ago


Yea the "nilly billy" protagonist doesn't relate to hipster millenials

poppinslops520d ago

What I want to know is why do all these mo-capped protaganists have the same hunched-over walk?

Uncharted, Quantum Break and Days Gone all have it - pretty sure LA Noire had it too... I guess capture tech isn't quite there? That or it weighs a ton... that would explain why noone's ever gotten horses movements right.

thekhurg520d ago


That "hillbilly" protagonist is probably the exact type of person that would make it in that kind of scenario.

DARKKENT520d ago

Not surprised... I'm so done with zombie games.. .. Bring something different

poppinslops520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

@ thekhurg: No, they'd be just as likely to die as anybody else... just run 'em off the road with a car and they're good as dead.

You know who survives? Johnny Depp on his private island - isolated, secure, well-supplied, probably has a seaplane as well as a boat - plus I hear he's a 'fighter'... he probably wouldn't even realise there was an apocalypse until he went home to stock-up on fresh bisexual supermodels.

thejigisup520d ago

you say 'fed up' as if theres a problem with this type, or caliber of game..

rebeljoe14520d ago

if you read the article it says the event was invite only meaning there was no way in hell it was gonna draw a crowd

Errorist76520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

This poppinslops person is my new favourite person here. Also RDR got horse movements pretty right. Has nothing to do with gear.

Eonjay520d ago

No there are just higher profile game like God of War being play tested at the same damn time. And interesting to see COD is selling out.

ShadowKnight520d ago

They should have made SYPHON FILTER.

Sevir520d ago

It's very much Zombie ip fatigue, but this headline is stupid, behind closed doors showing are for press, very much hands off and invite only, so naturally the only crowd it would draw would be the press

KwietStorm520d ago

lol I will embrace the day that individuals stop speaking for everyone on the internet, with wide open arms.

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inveni0520d ago

I'm actually really surprised about this game, as it's super similar to an open world Last of Us, and I wonder how Naughty Dog could possible be doing a Last of Us 2 with Days Gone in the pipeline. Would be weird for Sony to compete with itself so blatantly, and they really haven't been known for genre saturation recently.

Realms520d ago

Care to explain how it's like a Naughty Dog game aside from the fact that it's a post apocalyptic world like TLOUS? This game is open world they have said that already not much else is know other than what we saw in the trailer and demo.

mogwaii520d ago

It looks like a poor mans last of us.

xfiles2099519d ago

Idiots every where What kind of crowd does people expect when the game was not on the floor closed door only event freaking idiots every where

Dyldog69519d ago

Naruga, that's biker protagonist not "hill Billy"

guitarded77516d ago


Yeah, but this is N4G... we can't be expected to read past the headlines.

I've gotten to the point to where I read through the comments to get info from someone who actually read the article. I'd rather dig through 1,000 comments than give a hit to some of these sites.

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Timesplitter14520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Yeah, that game has impressive tech but doesn't seem to have a lot of depth to its gameplay or story. Compared to the reinvented GoW, Horizon, and Death Stranding, it felt very generic and "meh at least it has zombie crowds I guess"

From what we've seen, it didn't even matter if you shot the zombie crowd or not. It was just a cool-looking damage wall that was moving toward you

Pongwater520d ago

From what we've seen, we can't possibly know enough about the depth of gameplay or story to judge those things. That goes for pretty much every game you mentioned, with the possible exception of Horizon but even that could have a lot of depth or very little. What we've seen so far allows, at most, an early impression of graphics, animations, some sound, some voice acting, and some basic gameplay.

I honestly can't believe you included Death Stranding in your list. We know next to nothing about that except that it looks weird and seems visually good.

joab777520d ago

We don't know anything about it. How do we know if it has a good story or not?

And I am sure it mattered. He knew what he was doing and wanted to show off the environment.

JackStraw520d ago

Pseudogamers at it again. You've seen a fraction of gameplay. Not near enough to even gather a valid opinion on it. But sure, it lacks "depth." And you have absolutely no clue what the story is about, so what the FUCK are you talking about? Dumbest comment I've read all day, and that says a lot.

Pseudogamers could see a teaser piece of concept art and be like "eh, lacks depth in story." Dumb as hell.

Pongwater520d ago

Just watched that Days Gone footage again to make sure I remembered it properly before I replied to your 2nd mini-paragraph of nonsense.

I saw the mutants (not zombies) at the front of the horde obviously being impacted by bullets, spouting blood, and dying. It wasn't a moving damage wall that didnt need to be shot, but I'm sure you know that.

Gardenia520d ago

The last few years it's zombie game after zombie game. Gamers aren't really waiting for another zombie game. But who knows, maybe this game is great

madpuppy520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I really don't think you can compare "Death Stranding" to absolutely anything, What was shown tells you nothing about the gameplay, if it is first or third person (knowing Kojima most likely Third person )
If it is a fantasy or SciFi, if the Protagonist was having a dream (lucid or otherwise).

Meaning, Death Stranding is more a question mark than a game right now.
If you disagree please explain what the story is about and it's gameplay mechanics?

I did not say the game was either bad or good because we simply don't know enough.

BattleAxe520d ago

This game will flop. There was nothing interesting about it other than some decent graphics. The animations seemed really stiff and the zombies all looked exactly the same.

light69520d ago

wait, there was gameplay in death stranding?

mogwaii520d ago

Death fucking stranding, all you saw was a trippy cryptic trailer, it could turn out to be shit for all you know.

ImGumbyDammit519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Death Stranding? What depth? It was a weird video. Later followed by some Kojima talking points. He could have put a picture of a puddle of mud changing colors and it would have had more depth. And still people would have gone "goo-goo" over that puddle of mud because it was Kojima.

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SirJoJo520d ago

I thought this game looked amazing! I was seriously impressed with what they showed

Fin_The_Human520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

It does have promises and is in my radar but Sony choose the wrong demo to show.

Instead of showing a guy killing hundreds of zombies they should have shown the survival aspect of the game like looking for food or items to survive, camp building, NPC importance and unique stuff that will make this game stand out from other zombie games .

Also the fact that its being compared to a ND game does not help it stand out even further...I was honestly thinking that it was ND next project.

Timesplitter14520d ago

I'm curious, are those survival mechanics speculation or did they talk about them somewhere?

ninsigma520d ago

Aparrantly it was supposed to be rdr 2 but that got pulled because it scenes similar to the recent shooting in the club in America. They used days gone instead. This demo could have been put together very quickly at the last minute hence why we can there's some work left to do.

Fin_The_Human520d ago

Time splitter - this has been confirmed so far.

Emergent Gameplay – Featuring fully explorable environments and dynamic AI enemies, players will rely on their own abilities to strategize, craft weapons and tools, explore the world, and engage in combat. With almost every car, building and environment searchable, Days Gone delivers emergent gameplay possibilities, making a player’s approach to combat and discovery a vital part of the experience."

Sounds promising.

Errorist76520d ago


It's a post apocalyptic scenario. That alone confirms the scenario. Also they showed of some crafting elements.

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andrewsquall520d ago

@lelo2play People are getting sick of masterpieces on PlayStation consoles? Yeah maybe you're right. :)

IamTylerDurden1520d ago

They can smear it all they want but i'm in all the articles, talking to hundreds of ppl on PSN, i was at the e3 theater show so i have a pulse on how ppl are responding to Days Gone...and ppl LOVE it.

Days Gone is getting a great response from the general public.

Maybe the behind closed doors crowd isn't huge bc there were some other huge games announced.

joab777520d ago

This games looks amazing and actually quite unique. I'd think ppl would want to know more actually.

ninsigma520d ago

I'd like to know more well as ride that bike xD

hells_supernova520d ago

Plus it is a new IP that's going up against some big hitters, eg God Of War, The last Guardian (I know new IP but it has been a 10 year wait and people can now play it) the new Zelda, Gears of War, and the list goes on. If I was at E3 Days Gone would not be high on my list however I will definitely pick it up when it releases

jessionpc520d ago

It doesn't only show promise, it's likely going to be a sleeper hit.

It's name sucks, it had no engine behind it. That's why nobody cared.

Wait till next year, you'll see a lineup.

destroyerz1520d ago

I really don't know the point of this article. A lot of people are very excited for this game, include me. This game looks absolutely amazing. Worrying about crowd? really? It doesn't matter one bit.

Notellin520d ago

There's too many of these types of games in my opinion. It didn't look like anything The Last of Us, Dead Rising, Dying light, H1Z1, Left 4 Resident Evil, DayZ hasn't brought to the table.

It's probably zombie fatigue since we have been completely overwhelmed with zombie games.

DoubleM70520d ago

I like it. The Zombies are like World War Z the movie.

AdmGenAladeen520d ago

Exactly. They way they form what looks like a wall coming toward you.

Bruh520d ago


Yeah I call BS there buddy, maybe UC1 which didn't even have a closed showing at E3. But UC2,3 and 4 drew tons of journalist and sneaky spectators into their closed door demos. Its def zombie fatigue or perhaps people just don't give a shit? Cause there's better looking games on demo and having extra closed door demos?

Zeref520d ago

Too many zombie games. I think we're all done with it.

DivoJones519d ago

There's games with a lot of hype, some hype, and then there's Days Gone. This article is the first I've even heard of this game, and I considered myself more plugged in than the average gamer. But it appears to be a zombie survival game.. a very tired genre with even established titles struggling to stay relevant or popular.

Plus the article is comparing it's crowd as small compared to last years "new IP" The Last Guardian... c'mon, everyone has heard of The Last Guardian as it was announced nearly a decade ago. (I've previously proclaimed TLG to be vaporware, so I'm at least glad to be wrong on that front).. and Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like a fresh and unique idea.. of course that'll draw more of a crowd than "another zombie game by someone not named Naughty Dog".

dumahim519d ago

Yeah, I'm tired of the zombie stuff. Dead Rising 4 looks great, don't want it. If there was a Dying Light sequel, don't want it. It's even to the point that I REALLY don't want a Last of Us sequel. Being Naughty Dog, I'll probably still get it though.

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521d ago
Thatguy-310520d ago

The game is a new IP. Give it time to resonate with gamers. The potential is there and I truly see it flourish the more we see of it.

Timesplitter14520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Horizon too is a new IP, and it attracted people's attention like crazy ever since it was revealed. The problem with Days Gone imo is that it gives off a strong "all shine no substance" vibe. It's like a less-interesting TLOU with impressive crowd simulation tech

Aloy-Boyfriend520d ago

It's also a behind closed theater, where only selected people get in. I'm not sure if this can be believable. Bend has got my attention and hopefully, if true, this doesn't discourage them. There's serious competition with the other PS developers

_-EDMIX-_520d ago

You went to the behind closed the theater and saw a line?

I think you're commenting on general interest in comparison to what the article is actually stating about a physical Theatre and its presence of people

Timesplitter14520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

in the social media chart of the most talked games of e3, Days Gone was pretty low on the list. It was probably the lowest of all Sony reveals

Dark_Knightmare2520d ago

Well you know there's that saying don't judge a book by it's cover.

_-EDMIX-_520d ago

@Timesplitter14- "in the social media chart of the most talked games of e3, Days Gone was pretty low on the list. It was probably the lowest of all Sony reveals"

Thats nice...

On Youtube the trailers have topped well over a million.

Its a new IP, same with Detroit, they don't know what it is. God Of War is a known IP, so is something like Spiderman. They are of known franchises.

Sorry but no one really cares about your "chart" bud. This is compared to other well known IPs.

Could you not argue something like The Last Of Us would be on such a position on a chart when it was announced? Just saying... sounds ignorant.

uth11520d ago

Horizon took chances, and it paid off, the game really stood out.

Days Gone feels like yet another Zombie Apocalypse game with a gravelly voiced protagonist. It doesn't stand out enough.

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ILive520d ago

I like what I saw as well. Obviously, playing it will be more intense than watching it. I can already imagine how tense it could really be. And I remember when no one payed attention to until dawn and its one of the best ps4 games available in my opinion. I'm sure when it releases, we all get to be the judge of that. But conclusions can't be made just based off the little demo shown. It's not fair.

darthv72520d ago

It is last of us meets walking dead. I like the idea behind it.

spicelicka520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I thought it looked really intense! Reminded me of left 4 dead as well.

IamTylerDurden1520d ago

It's TLoU meets L4D and it has motorcycle traversal. It looks awesome and ppl are excited about it.

rezzah520d ago

U can upgrade your motorcycle...Mad Max?

Fin_The_Human520d ago

More like Sons of Anarchy meets World War Z.

Those zombies are too fast to be compared to the walking dead.