S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky IGN UK Review

IGN UK writes: "The Zone was the best game place of last year. Sure, Bioshock's Rapture had incredible architecture and a killer soundtrack, but it was more a system of artfully-decorated tubes than a world. The Zone, the Chernobyl-devastated wasteland in which the first STALKER was set, was huge and convincing. It had its restrictions (you can defeat entire armies, but you can't climb over a barbed wire fence?) and its linearity, but it also had the sense it was a fully-functioning environment. While primarily a first-person shooter, featuring the usual gunning down of mutants and militants, it was also a survival role-playing game of sorts. The Zone was dark and weird, inhabited by surly men, horrifying beasts and random occurrence – a brilliantly harrowing holiday to somewhere only a videogame could realise".

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skynidas3675d ago

I was expecting a higher score for this game

Fr0ZzZeN3675d ago

Yep me2, original was good fun. This version looks like a bit of a let down to be honest

JsonHenry3675d ago

I don't care what reviewers say. The last game was GREAT. If this game is simply more of the same with a graphical upgrade then I say bring it on!

shazam3675d ago

The first STALKER was one of the worst games Ive ever played in my opinion.

TheIneffableBob3675d ago

Sounds like Clear Sky is still plagued by the problems that Shadow of Chernobyl had--bugs. But I'm sure once those get patched up, Clear Sky will be a great game.

solsub3674d ago

I was expecting a higher score. Whatever, this won't stop me from picking this baby up on day 1. Shame it was recently delayed.

Oh and if you haven't yet done so, pick up Shadow of Chernobyl. it was an amazing title (especially with the Oblivion Lost 2.2 mod).