Gameboyz Review: Mario Super Sluggers

Gameboyz reports:

''The visuals in Mario Super Sluggers are solid, but don't expect a huge leap in quality over the original GameCube version. I was impressed with the CG cut-scenes, and I kind of wished that the quality of these visuals were passed on to the gameplay itself. Don't get me wrong though, the game is still pretty good looking. It is bright, colorful and has a cheery feel to it. Characters animate well and they have a lot of the famed moves that you have come to expect out of them. I found that the stadiums were also well designed too. Trust me, the first time you play at Luigi's Mansion you will know what I mean. Each stadium, there is nine in total, manages to convey each character's theme quite well. I think most will enjoy the unique playfields found in Mario Super Sluggers. Technically speaking the game runs in 16x9 with no graphical anomalies to be found. At the end of the day the game is visually solid but don't expect to totally wowed as it is not that much different then its' 2005 predecessor.''

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