Electronic Arts Can't Process Address Change, Cancels Your Sold-Out Pre-Ordered Collector's Edition Of Warhammer

A customer who pre-ordered the collector's edition of Warhammer Online up to eight months in advance has found his requests to change his shipping address denied and subsequently, when he complained, had his order cancelled by Electronic Arts, according to a report by the Consumerist.

Citing a customer referred to as Micah, EA is said to have sent all its pre-orders to a processing facility outside of their direct control - claiming they can only cancel orders not amend them - consequently any customers who wish to change their details are denied and left with the only option of cancelling their orders for the now sold-out collector's edition.

"So it's either cancel my order and don't receive the now sold-out collector's edition, or just let it ship to a place I don't live," complained Micah. "It seems there should be some way of contacting the fulfilment agency if you're going to release a pre-sell of a collector's edition eight months before the game even comes out."

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Wildarmsjecht3674d ago

Ouch...that sucks, but it happens everywhere unfortunately. It happened to me as well in fact.

Topshelfcheese3674d ago

Umm...There's this handy little thing called change of address that you give to the post office, and they forward your mail to the new address.

clevernickname3674d ago

I was just going to post that.

If the game is shipped via UPS or some other service then that is going to be a problem, but he could make the effort to ask the residents at his old address if they would hold on to the package for him.

pcgia3674d ago

still I think that EA should be able to handle this little task.

I am having a problem with them right now about a pre-order. It's taken about 10-12 emails (well tickets and as many customer service reps. to answer my question. Guess what though, none have yet, every time I get my ticket back it's the new rep taking over the ticket asking me the same thing the first one did... haha I can't even believe it though.

I've documented it all for humorous purpose's though ;)