Nintendojo Preview: Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Nintendojo reports:
''George Lucas -- or just "George" as the boys at LucasArts call the master of the Star Wars universe -- wants a game based on his beloved franchise to follow a few rules. It has to be full of adventure, heavy on gameplay, dabbled in comedy, and spritzed with drama. So when the developers of the next Star Wars megahit put their heads together, they came up with a game about... Wookies.

George said Wookies can't speak. He said that will make the dramatic part a little difficult, and if you've seen Attack of the Clones, you understand that George knows drama better than TNT. The developers agreed. They went back to the drawing board and came up with a new core gameplay premise.

"Kicking someone's ass with the Force."

George agreed, and thus was born Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.''

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