Nintendojo - Franchise Flashback: Donkey Kong

Noah Ward writes:

''How 'bout that Donkey Kong? What happened to him?

He was the character that started Shigeru Miyamoto's game design career, provided a basic narrative in video games, and introduced us to Mario, n&#eacute;e Jumpman. This was an auspicious start, and after that, DK and his family then went on to be in many, many games, from a renaissance of 2D platformers to racers to puzzlers to 3D platformers to... music games? And let's not forget all the other games he's cameo'd in. Donkey Kong may be the most pimped-out character in Nintendo's stable of mascots.

Yet with such a multitude of appearances, Donkey Kong has lost his luster. The games he's headlined in the last ten years have been either notable or mediocre, but none system sellers. Good games like Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (which was the warm-up for the team who gave us Super Mario Galaxy) sank under the radar, and then games like GBA's King of Swing and Wii's Barrel Blast are best left forgotten. So out of all the possibilities, which headlining-DK game was our favorite? The definitive DK experience? We get into it below.''

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