Nintendojo Review: Final Fantasy IV

Nintendojo reports:

''Final Fantasy IV was an important entry in Square's flagship franchise; not only was it the second Final Fantasy to make its way westward, but it also marked a significant change in both the gameplay and story mechanics that drove the series. Not surprisingly, FFIV has become a fan favorite all around the world and it has made a major mark on the history of RPGs and storytelling in video games.

Also unsurprising, is the fact that Square has been milking this cash cow for a while now. This version marks the third time FFIV has been remade; the first was for the Playstation 1997 and then it was remade for the GBA less than three years ago. This time Square Enix started with a blank slate and rebuilt everything from the ground up in full 3D, just as they did with Final Fantasy III in 2006. All that remains now is to see if a critically acclaimed classic can stand the test of time with the help of a fresh coat of paint.''

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