Gamasutra Interview - Spore Set For Success, Says EA Games' Gibeau

Maxis' much-awaited Spore launches this week, and Gamasutra sat down with EA Games label head Frank Gibeau to discuss company expectations for the title, plans for console versions, and defining success for Will Wright's latest opus.

Gibeau heads the entirity of the EA Games division of Electronic Arts, which is responsible for product development, marketing, and publishing for many of the 'core' titles within EA's arsenal - from Need for Speed through Battlefield to Warhammer Online.

But his focus this week may squarely be on the Spore juggernaut, since the hype is building, the successful launch of the Creature Creator is behind us, and the payoff for the franchise -- if Gibeau is to believed -- is only about to begin.

Our first question was the obvious one: what does Spore mean to EA? Gibeau says, "Spore is a huge priority for EA, and specifically for our EA Games label. This has been a big bet for the company over the last several years. It's a Will Wright project that carries a level of expectations for quality and, frankly, success... and we couldn't be more proud of the product and we're very excited about it."

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