Kamiya looking to exceed God of War

Hideki Kamiya, creator of Capcom's Devil May Cry franchise, has spoke of his lofty ambitions to "make a game that exceeds God of War's sequel".

Speaking with US publication Electronic Gaming Monthly, Kamiya commented, "Out of all those action titles, there's one game that I am paying really close attention to, that I think is a rival game, a good game, which is called God of War 3."

"So there's like a wall for your imagination or ideas, and when you're actually creating something, you don't even see the wall. But with GOW, I felt like I saw beyond the wall," he said.

"I felt like they created the game in a very good way which managed to bring in the users, they gave you a huge impactful feeling right in the beginning, and just drew you into the game. So I'm very impressed that they made the game like that."

Kamiya, who is currently working on the action title Bayonetta, was decidedly less enthusiastic in regards to Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series.

"I've never played Ninja Gaiden, and to be honest, I'm not that interested," he said, explaining, "the quality that gets you interested in something is that you feel something for them" and "Ninja Gaiden just didn't have that power".

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Jamie Foxx3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

because gow is the pinnicle of action games thus with the cell and bluray gow3 is a frightening prospect for any rival developer to aspire to

FatNaked50YearOldMan3676d ago

Good luck? More like shut up, Kamiya.

Using Crapcom's sh1tty pc based Lost Planet engine with game assets gimped to run on the 360's smaller than last gen 7GB disc format and wimpy graphics hardware...

and he wants to compete with a PS3 25/50GB exclusive game running on massively more powerful hardware like God of War 3???

Just shut up, Kamiya.

Euphrate3676d ago

An exclusive like that, where Sony invests at least 60 Million dollars is impossible to achieve otherwise.Unless he stops making multiplat games that limit him because of the 360's limit on space available. And asks Sony for help like MGS4.

barom3676d ago

You guys shouldn't be so sure. Hideki Kamiya's development history is very impressive. Resident Evil 2 (91.9%), Devil May Cry 1 (92.3%), Viewtiful Joe (91.6%) and Okami (92.5%). All AAA titles and all had him as a director (ratings taken from GameRankings).

All I'm trying to say is don't be so sure. Santa Monica Studio did loose both David Jaffe and Cory Barlog. Anywayz in any case we'll be having two awsome action games on our hands.

Yoma3676d ago

No game will be like GoW3

Sitdown3676d ago

do you honestly pay attention to the things you say? Here let me quote you, "because gow is the pinnicle of action games thus with the cell and bluray gow3 is a frightening prospect for any rival developer to aspire to"

See anything wrong there? Let me help you....if Kamiya makes a game for the ps3 he too will have access to the cell and its pointless to try and use that as an argument.

Rikitatsu3676d ago

Actually, Daived Jaffe (Creator og GOW) Was INSPIRED! by Hideki Kamiya's Game DMC 1 (Kamiya only made DMC1)

Here is the Interview where he says he was inspired :

Ninja-Sama3676d ago

You want to know why? Because Gow3 is specific to one system...and despite all this talk of multi-platform games being the future and blah blah tailored to one specific console usually end up better than if it were made for more than one.

You just need to look at the history and you'd know that generally the best games ever made were all specific to one particular system. FF7, OoT, MGS, Goldeneye, Super Mario, SC (Dreamcast), GT series, GoW series etc...

Jamie Foxx3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

your comment has no logic whatsoever

let me explain did i say kamiya wouldnt have access to the cell or bluray.....nope so your point is void
just because you both have access to a ferrari it doesnt mean youll both win the grand prix now does it?

ive never seen you make one intelligent comment

back to the drawing board for you im afraid

MURKERR3676d ago

you always babble crap

you try to sound intelligent but always put your foot in it and end up looking stupid.

read your comment again and then slap yourself

Gamekilla3676d ago

isn't this the point of the gaming industry, of having many consoles instead of one, or seriously, any industry? people take competition and aim to beat it and that is the only way video games will get better...also isn't it good to have goals the be the best? (although in this case, in a specific genre)

i get it god of war is a great game, in fact it is one of my most liked game of all time, however i would be happy if someone can out-do it, cause in the end I get a BETTER product to play with. Even if he can't outdo it, at least hi goals assure his game isn't crap...

also, please don't treat god of war as if it is flawless, and can never be beaten, it is damn good but knowing the video game industry that has been said about too many games and although they are beloved classics now, they have been outdone,

Sitdown3676d ago

First your comment again.........this article is about Kamiya wanting to exceed God of bring up hardware......since they both have the ps3 hardware it would be pointless to bring it up...when talking about him. Without the cell and bluray...GOW 3 will be a great game. But going to your Ferrari point...thanks for making my is not based on the car(hardware), but the drivers(developers) ability. So if you both have a ferrari, but only one wins the Grand there really a need to talk about the car? I think talk about the driver...or in this case the developer just being better. Now, if you were saying something else, how about using punctuations to correctly make your statement?

@Murkerr AKA Jamie Foxx's sidekick.

I end up looking stupid? Let me quote you "you try to sound intelligent but always put your foot in it"......umm, I put my foot into sounding intelligent? Yeah...that makes a lot of sense. Besides, if I was trying to sound intelligent...would that not mean that I would end up "sound"ing do you move from hearing to visual?

Read my comment and then slap myself? Yeah...original. Go ahead, disagree and add me to your ignore list because you can not comprehend. is all based on opinion anyway...based on the gamer, they could think that Kimaya has already exceeded the God of War series...especially if that is not their type of game.

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Fishy Fingers3676d ago

Well you couldn't pick a much better title to take your inspiration and set your goals against. Now we just need to see some GoW3 footage to see how Sony have set the bar this time around.

PirateThom3676d ago

Best of luck... you'll need it.

dro3676d ago

yh right... :/

HAHAH....i lol so much!!!!!

ukilnme3676d ago

I would love to see a game match or exceed the complete package that you get with the GoW series. Still gotta give NG the edge in combat up to this point.