Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Lego Batman

GV reports:

''One of the more adorable games I played this weekend at PAX was definitely Lego Batman. While this game's release date is only a few weeks away, I couldn't resist a chance to get my hands on the next in the super fun Lego series. Like Lego Indiana Jones before it, you will still need to be a fan of the source material and/or Legos in order to appreciate this game at all, but if you don't like Batman or Legos, there's probably something wrong with you.

I played Lego Batman with another convention-goer, which was ideal because the Lego games are always more fun with a friend. I played in two separate levels, one as a villain (Riddler, opposite Mr. Freeze), and also as Robin to my partner's Batman. One of the more interesting aspects of Lego Batman is that the villains have special powers in addition to the typical Lego melee attacks. Freeze could freeze people, stopping them in their tracks before breaking them apart, while the Riddler could take control of the minds of others, forcing them to do his bidding. Batman and Robin balance this out by acquiring character-specific different suits that come with special abilities, like walking vertically up and metal surface, or floating over the gap between two buildings.''

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