Microsoft Xbox “Scorpio” To Be Powered by AMD “Polaris” and “Zen” Architectures

Yesterday, along with the Xbox One S, Microsoft announced the “Project Scorpio” or Xbox “Scorpio”. According to Microsoft, it is going to be the most powerful console ever made when it launches next year. According to clues, the Microsoft Xbox Scorpio will feature a custom-designed SoC made by AMD.

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gedden7913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

But guess what.... They said the frame rates between XB1 and Scorpio games WILL NOT CHANGE.... UPDATE. HAVE THAT SEAT.

SirJoJo913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

This is an utter lie folks^ and a ridiculous one at that... here is what Phil actually said:

"What TV do you have?

Eurogamer: A standard 1080p TV.

Phil Spencer: Then you should buy this box, because Scorpio is not going to do anything for you. Scorpio is designed as a 4K console, and if you don't have a 4K TV, the benefit we've designed for, you're not going to see. Clearly, you can buy Scorpio, and if and when you decide you want to buy a 4K television to take advantage of the increased performance, obviously the console will be ready for you."

(IMO I think he was just trying to make a point but it was a little off the mark due to pressure as i'm pretty sure he is being bombarded with interviews and people wanting to ask him questions regarding the scorpio.)

Anyway, how that translates to "the frame rates between XB1 and Scorpio WILL NOT CHANGE" I don't know!

A quote directly from your link gedden7

"We asked about what happens when Xbox One games are only capable of sub-60 frame performance and whether Scorpio would be pinned to the lower spec in that regard. “Typically, yes. A good example is Killer Instinct, which is cross-play on PC and Xbox One. We have locked the frame rate to 60 frames per second,” Loftis says. “We could do better on super high end PCs, but that ruins the competitive nature of it.”

The key word is competitive (ONLINE). If an online mode on the X1 is 30, it will also be 30 on the Scorpio, the same if it is 60 on the X1. However, just like KI crossplay on the X1 lets you choose if you want to play with PC players or not, I am pretty sure other developers will have such options on their games that are crossplay. It is all about choice.

Now the question is if they will have an option that will allow Scorpio players to only play other Scorpio players and bump the online framerate to 60 if it sits at 30 on the X1. My guess not right away but most definitely yes.

vikingland1913d ago

Eurogamer said they didn't think it would use Zen. So which is it ?

donthate913d ago

I think the strategy is to have dynamic resolution on all games, and then lock the frame rate. Either your game runs at 30fps or 60fps, and this makes sense. You don't want dips and highs with frame rate, because that is the worse experience. This is extremely magnified in VR to the point where it makes people sick.

I think for single player campaign, there might be some opportunity to increase the frame rate, but I think the jump from HD to Ultra HD will keep the frame rate consistent. Maybe if you run a Ultra HD game on a 1080p TV it will?

LeFear11913d ago

No offence, but are your retarded mate?
What do you expect will happen when they upgrade their gpu? Why do you think they are upgrading the gpu? The frame rate will increase along with resolution and if you have a 4k tv you will be able to play games in 4k.

Dabigkahuna76913d ago

Hey man don't insult the mentally challenge

Fin_The_Human913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Seriously Gedden?

I know you are trolling but why even make such a comment...I am going to report you for Spam because we all know what your agenda is.

So MS went all out on 6 teraflop monster console to only have the same frame rate as the XB1 which is what people were complaining about -_-

Everyday I see a new spin but this one is just as bad as the other camp saying that the Neo should be compared to the XB1 S and not the the Scorpio.

one2thr913d ago

Off topic question- Was "Scorpio", the codename for the "Xbox One S", or is this Xbox "Scorpio", a completely different unannounced MS console?

Fin_The_Human913d ago

XBox one S and Project Scorpio are two different consoles.

XBox One S: A slimmer version of the current XB1 with 4K and HDR ( mostly for movies) , but apart from that the specs are pretty much the same.

Project Scorpio: A 6 terabite monster that will release next year to give developers more power so developers don't have to sacrifice anything when making VR and regular games.

This is an XB1 4.5 which is comparable with the vanilla and S - MS has realized that technology is pretty much outdated in about the first year so they are aiming for an upgradable console PC hybrid so that the following year you can still have the best tech without having to buy a new console.

rlow1913d ago

Well said, every interview I've seen from Phil, he implies that software will take advantage of whatever system your using. So with more powerful machines you'll receive the benefits from that, while those who don't want to upgrade can still enjoy the same game minus resolution or certain effects. It'll be interesting to see how long they can keep that up, especially after the systems get really outdated.

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Sm00thNinja913d ago

Dumbest statement on N4G right now. 6 teraflops isnt enough to go from 30 fps to 60......

sangoku_d913d ago

I know all the performance will be used rendering in 4k except that 3rd parties can do whatever they want with it and don't have to hit 4k

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qwerty676913d ago

lol seems people are latching on to any narrative that's fits their already preconceived bias of a brand.

Fin_The_Human913d ago (Edited 913d ago )


Notice how Neogaf has gone silent.

Its like the 6 teraflop monster hit the GAF community with a nuke and silenced the haters .

Everything thing that Phil says will be picked apart .

Fin_The_Human913d ago

Gaydden we get love Sony to death.

Now please move on.

keki913d ago

you sound just like them

Yetter913d ago

You're not particularly bright are you?

Artemidorus913d ago

It will provide 4K and more than likely 60fps.

AndrewLB913d ago

A jump from 1.32 tflops to 6.0 tflops will allow for 4k gaming at 30fps, not 60. But this is only if the game in question has graphics in-line with what is currently seen in video games. Some people forget that 4k has FOUR TIMES the number of pixels that have to be rendered, and this requires an increase in processing power of a similar magnitude. While there may be some games that play at 4k/60 on scorpio, they will likely be as rare as 1080p/60 games on the current Xbone. You certainly wont be seeing games with the same level of detail of PC Ultra settings @ 4k/60 on scorpio because there just isn't enough processing power even with 6 teraflops. I know this because my overclocked GTX 780ti does 6 Teraflops and i can downsample 4k rendered graphics via nVidia DSR, but only if I reduce the graphics quality to what is seen on console.

donthate913d ago


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just ignorant, but the lack of frame rate difference is due to locked frame rates to get consistency across platforms for competitive reasons. Hence the Killer Instinct reference.

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ShadowKnight913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Not surprise at all. TBH it makes sense since its new hardware with the latest technology.

rousseau88913d ago

I am not sure i've read this right because my fist language is french but does it have 2 CPU? One made of next technology "zen" and a Polaris of 6 teraflops?

rousseau88913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

" it will also feature an AMD “Polaris” CPU with 6TFLOPS of performance."
Article talk about a polaris cpu not gpu...

Aenea913d ago

Google AMD Polaris and you will see that it's a GPU while Zen is a CPU...

rousseau88912d ago

ooh okay, i guess its the artile mistake

Pancit_Canton913d ago

Expect to pay at least $599 on the console.

bleedsoe9mm913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

ms got killed putting out a 499$ when the competitor was 399$ and you think they are going higher , not very likely it will be sub or 499$

SpringHeeledJack913d ago

No way Microsoft will price this below £/$ 600 without taking a big loss financially. It is a high end gaming pc, and I think they have gone a bit ott with the specs. Price high and it won't sell, price cheaper MS will take a big loss on each console sold.


I don't think you have any idea how advanced this thing will be or the cost of hardware with that kind of power... MS and Sony made like $20-$30 profit per console sale, You can't even build a PC with ZEN right now, you can bet your azz it will be an expensive chip set for PC gamers

Yetter913d ago

Yep, I'm with you, no chance this is gonna be over 500$

Kingoftherodeo913d ago

microsoft got kill for 499 with a kinect that not everyone was a fan of and competitor had better specs. if it had been at 499 with no kinect and better specs no problem. but you also have to think about the tv tv tv E3. i can see this being over 500,not everyone will buy but a console over 500 but if it does what is promising then i can see gamers spending money on this. i dont mean kids who still get consoles bought by parents

hells_supernova913d ago

@springheeledjack this is NOT a high end gaming PC. The 1080 GPU is 8 teraflops and the 1070is above 6 keep in mind this console is not releasing until the end of next year and by then GPU will be hitting close to or over 10 teraflops.

It is a mid range mas market PC at best.

In saying that it will still be a great console for those who do not want PC

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Elit3Nick913d ago

With the new ecosystem MS is trying to put forward that would actually be a good price. You have the One S for entry level gaming, the Scorpio for high end gaming, and then PCs for modularity/very high end gaming. I think it's a smart idea, with cross-play, there's no longer a barrier between friends if they have a PC or xbox, and with cross-buy, it makes an xbox worthwhile to a PC gamer when he/she's away from home

qwerty676913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Maybe but keep in mind we still have like 18 months before it's released.

If it came out this year i'd say it would be $599

But as tech continues to evolve by holiday next year the scorpio will most likely only be as powerful as a "mid-range" pc

I could definitely see them being able to hit the 400-450 price point by then.

Yetter913d ago

6Tflops will still be fairly high end at this point. Not top of the line but I doubt Nvidia will have there 11 series cards out at this point, and the 1080 rates at 8.5tflops. Sure somebody is gonna SLI two 1080 and build a true beast but generally speaking a 6tflop console will still be better than the average for PCs.

Not to mention a console is still a closed system that can be optimized for so you can push more performance out of that 6Tflops than you could out of the same PC build


Yep, especially with the new ZEN tech! $599-$699 is a good window to expect and is super cheap for you are getting!

D2K913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

We don't now how much the Zen CPU will cost, but I cannot imagine it being much more expensive than the Polaris GPU cards. We already know that the Polaris GPU which mostly likely to be used (Polaris 10) will retail between $199 ans $229 depending on if it has 4 or 8 GB of GDDR5 memory. So buying that card in bulk will be extremely INEXPENSIVE for Microsoft or whoever else is using that card in their console.

The point is, Scorpio can easily still retail for $399.99 at launch and still sell at a profit. People seem to forget that the PS4 sold a a profit of $18 dollars at launch while being the most powerful console ever at the time.

That's the beauty of the Polaris architecture in terms of the GPU. You get lots of power and performance, for less energy consumption and price. Then, you add in the Vulkan API on top of that, we have a opportunity to see some amazing stuff on Scorpio.

Mkai28913d ago

Yes amazing things on Scorpio, but it won't be using the Vulkan API.

AndrewLB913d ago

The retail price for the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 480 which is going to have similar performance to Scorpio is going to be $199. So integrating that Polaris 10 GPU into a Zen APU a full YEAR later to be used in the Scorpio console can easily meet a price point of $399. The increased memory bandwidth over the RX 480 is likely because its using GDDR5x memory and not HBM.

conanlifts913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I would think it's more in line with their next card, which would be closer to the 1070 in terms of power. The 1070 is 6.5tflops and easily outperforms the 480 in benchmarks released. So maybe they will release an rx490 to outperform the 1070 and cut it down a bit for scorpio.

Of course i might be completely wrong it might be a reworked 480.

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ABizzel1913d ago

This all but confirms that Scorpio is the successor to the XBO, even if that's not how MS tries to market it.

They've changed the CPU, GPU, and RAM configurations, which means several other parts must have also been changed as well, so these won't be direct ports simply being upgraded for the more powerful hardware. The Xbox brand is becoming a PConsole / Steam Machine with the brand to back it up, where games are designed for multiple pieces of hardware and scaled across, so optimizations are going to be more time consuming for both boxes.

The CPU architecture is the real reason for concern here, but even then it shouldn't be nearly as much of an issue porting from XBO to XB4 as porting between say PS3 / PS4, since this is still AMD architecture. The good news XBScorpio will have the power to play all XBO, 360, and possibly original Xbox games through sheer emulations since the CPU should be significantly better, but the reality is becoming more and more likely that this isn't just a mid-gen console upgrade like PS Neo is rumored to be.

Fin_The_Human913d ago

So is the Neo the successor to the PS4?

No right because it rumored to only have 4.5 teraflops...funny how that works.

Phil already made it clear that this is not the next gen XBox and its more of a service that they did for developers because many where complaining about not having enough power to make the game that they truly visioned without sacrifice.

Think of the Scorpio more like the Mac products from Apple where you have different options and prices but are all in the same family.

arkard913d ago

The developers are going to have to keep sacrificing because the games still have to run on xbox1.

Fin_The_Human913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Ok so how is this different from PC games where you can play games on low, medium or high settings.

I am sure MS has thought of this and your gaming experience will be based on the hardware you own.

But that's unfair you say...that's just how life works, I want a Lamborghini but I can only afford a Honda Civic which doesn't not mean I still can enjoys my Civic.

In the end the people who aren't OK with what MS is doing can always buy a PS4 or PS4Neo.

JasonKCK913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

@arkard No, the games will just be set up like they are on PC.

madmonkey01913d ago

The performance % increase is about the same as that between the 360 and one, IT seems like a generation leap to me,