Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Saints Row 2

GV reports:

''Although I've never played the first Saints Row, I was too curious about the impending sequel to not give it a try here at PAX. After lunch, I hit the floor again, and this was the first game I got my hands on. I was happy to see that the game's character creation not only allowed for females to get their hands dirty what with all the shooting and killing, but had a pretty decent amount of choices as far as making yourself an original character goes. I spent some time on that, while a small group of guys stood behind me and watched in amazement as a girl gamer made a girl character. (Seriously, at one point they said "There's a girl, and she's playing as a girl!" I think it might have been their first trip outside.)

You start out the game trying to bust out of prison, along with an accomplice, who I assume is supposed to be helpful, but kept slowing down the whole operation. Many objects scattered about the prison can be used as weapons, like IV stands in the infirmary. You start off unarmed, but as you take down security guards and, later on, actual cops, you'll take their weapons and be able to better defend yourself.''

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rbluetank3676d ago

Saint Row 2 has more vehicles,mission,gameplay,cust omization of your characters and best of all a really reason / way to spend your money. This game is a strong challenger to GTA series. GTA series needs to go back to GTA san Andreas. GTA SA was the biggest and best one besides the series. SR2 is a must buy this year...