Sony won E3 by letting their games do the talking

Alex Gibson from WGTC writes "Sony has once again demonstrated that they know exactly how to win over the gaming community, and it isn’t with teraflops.
After tonight, the PlayStation 4’s games library has never looked more rock solid, and the conference reiterated Sony’s imperative for the console to be built around a substantial offering of exclusive content. The messaging is clear; games, games and more games. "

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Genuine-User888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Pretty much. It was one of the best E3 conferences I have ever seen.

basilboxer888d ago

Fully agree. That was easily the best conference ever because it was about games. This is what we want to see!

thekhurg888d ago

Yep. There was such a minimal amount of blabbering that it was epic seeing all the game presentations. Well done Sony.

nX888d ago

They not only won this E3, they've almost outdone all the other publishers combined. I never expected to see so many games I literally can't wait to play myself, Sony is going berserk on my wallet.

AnubisG888d ago

Let's hope they keep this up. From God of War to Crash Bandicoot trilogy remake, Kojima game, Horizon, Days Gone, etc. Totally killed it. For me this was the best ever E3 press conference ever.

Death888d ago

These articles pop up every year. At the end of every show Sony won the show to Playstation fans, Microsoft won the show for Xbox fans and Nintendo won the show for Nintendo fans.

remixx116888d ago (Edited 888d ago )


LOL dude the first article I had seen after MS' conference was about how big of a let down it was......from septic's site, then I had seen at least 3 more negative articles after that.

Guess your a bit wrong.

GamingIVfun888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Sony's conference was amazing to watch, would have loved to have been there. So many great games coming.


No, Sony really did have the best conference.

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Lamboomington888d ago

The God Of War reveal had to be the best part about it. It was such a surprise seeing Kratos

kneon888d ago

If E3 were a boxing match then Sony would have had a KO in the first round with the GOW reveal. But instead they just kept pounding their now unconscious competitors round after round after round.

Their conference was so much better than I was expecting.

PaleMoonDeath888d ago

If that's how fast they done it, MMA is better suited for such brutality. Very, very pleased with this years Sony E3! finally.. I have a bunch of games I MUST get.

Shubhendu_Singh888d ago

I really do hate when Publisher invites Developers to talk on stage and all they do is describe how "immersive" or "iconic" their game will be without giving any details.

Atleast Sony showed the real gameplay outright. This is exactly what I want from E3, not Devtalks and youtubers.

Repjaws888d ago

No truer words have ever been said.I hate the vague dev talks that Ubisoft did on their stage that told us little to nothing about them and just killed time.Their conference was just like their Assassins Creed series,with some good parts riddled in between but mostly consisting of "why would you do that?".

mafiahajeri888d ago

That's not to bad, I mean the dev talks but when you get someone as annoying as Aeisha Tyler trying to crack lameass jokes and where she asks people to go suck a big bag of you know what. Then seriously GTFO with that shit...

I mean she just kept going on and on it turned into some lame stand up gig, she was also pretty damn hostile. Ubisoft and the rest take notes from Sony because you clearly do not know how to host an E3 conference.

kneon888d ago

It wouldn't be so bad except that most developers are terrible public speakers, I know, I'm a developer who has had to do a lot of public speaking all over the world.

Most developers just aren't that engaging, it's better to let their work do the talking.

I_am_Batman888d ago

It was a near perfect conference. They've set the tone from the first second the orchestra started playing. Then it was hit after hit after hit. Sony schooled them all this year. Well done.

C-H-E-F888d ago

Yes, they just keep topping themselves year over year. Like this was like a Game Cinema hahaha. No details about much, just hey look at these cool games... here's the release date... more cool games.... check out VR it'll cost 399.... and will be released in october... more cool games... release date... more cool games... etc. etc. hahaha

trooper_888d ago

Agreed. Game after game after game. Now that my uncle finally got a PS4, I can't wait to play them.

Crazyglues888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

By showing nothing but games, Sony knocked this thing out the park... that was a spectacular show, and -DaysGone- Looked Amazing -Complete surprise -- Just one hell of a show

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madhouse02888d ago

That was absolutely amazing. Destroyed Microsoft.

Agent_00_Revan888d ago

It was just hit after hit without letting up. No one came out to talk in between, no pauses, just 'here's a game, and here's a game, oh you want another game? Here's some more!'

Amazing event. I thought it would be hard to do, but they blew away what they even did last year.

Gardenia888d ago

No weird cringing shows, just games and more games. Also the live orchestra was really awesome

remixx116888d ago

The mine craft and FFXIV demos were cringe worthy. Also I didn't think it was possible to create a dude bro jrpg but it seems like scale bound will be the first...

81BX888d ago

I dont think anyone won. We know Ms has a new elite controller/xbox 1 s/custom order controllers/new games/ project scorpio. Sony has new games/psvr/a scuf controller. My issue is this, the majority of sony's games come out in 2017. Nothing too major was showed for 2016, majority of Ms games are sep or oct 2016 but the only game that show cased any graphical strength was gears 4. I guess it all comes down to what u prefer and in what time frame. Both had good showings but nothing amazing.

Gitgud888d ago

2017 is 6 months away, and 2016 has been an amazing year for games.

EddieNX 888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Microsofts was also really good! Sony fanboys have become an ultra-biassed pack of dogs though, so to them MS conference is 4/10 and Sony's is 1,000,000/10 ....

WickedLester888d ago (Edited 888d ago )


The reason Sony can show games further on the horizon is because they choose to spread their games out throughout the calendar year rather than hording them until the last 4 months of the year. All those 2016 titles announced by MS at their conference is basically their "catch up" titles to what PS4 players have been enjoying throughout the year already. So while you may think having GT Sport, No Mans Sky, The Last Guardian, Dragon Quest Builders, Star Ocean 5, etc for the holidays is weak, I'll kindly remind you we've already bought and played The Witness, Fire Watch, Street Fighter 5, Gravity Rush, Valkyria Chronicles, Day of the Tentacle, MLB The Show, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, Alienation, etc. So we dont have the sense of urgency to have this back-loaded release schedule like Xbox gamers do. Plus there are tons of 3rd party games that come out at that time.

PC-Gaming-1990888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Sony have No Mans Sky in August, TLG in October and Gran Turismo in November so there ending the year with some decent looking exclusives not to mention that Nier, Ni-Oh, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue,Drawn to Death and Gravity Rush 2 are all on schedule to be released in 2016 and i'm not even counting VR titles in the exclusive list for this year.

Only game i have bought for my XBox in last 6 months was Quantum Break (Sold Xbox copy on day of purchase as i was only after the code for PC) and will pick up Re Core in October.

WeAreLegion888d ago

Sony also has dozens of other games coming out that they didn't show. Including many this year.

DVAcme888d ago

Microsoft's conference was pretty good, especially since they're expanding the XBox brand to include PC gaming. I'd much rather buy a gaming PC to play their games than buy a second console (since a PC is, well, a PC, it's as much a tool as a gaming device). But let's he honest here. In terms of pure gameplay footage and number of games including exclusives, Sony blew every other conference so far out of the water, it's not even close. All the other conferences had executives talking over pre-rendered footage or none at all. For example, EA was PATHETIC, worse than usual and they were already pretty damn bad. No in-game footage or story details of Mass Effect: Andromeda, no new IPs or unexpected games announced, no promotion for Mirror's Edge 2 (which came out last week!)... Hell, they announced that both Visceral and Respawn were making Star Wars games, but gave absolutely no details of what the games were about! Truly horrid!

The only company left that could feasibly have any surprises is Nintendo, and pffffffffft no. They already said there'll be no NX news, and they won't have anything worthwhile besides Zelda.

DivineAssault 888d ago

Can i have some of whatever your smoking? PS4 has many games out now and they're going to continue flowing in for years to come.. What good is a beefy console and fancy controller with no games? Sure theres multiplats but anyone can buy a PC and play anything xb offers. Sony owned E3 by doing what E3 is for.. Showing BA incoming new games

OB1Biker888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

'My issue is this, the majority of sony's games come out in 2017. '
Thing I really like with Sony is there are always twice as many games they DONT SHOW in the conference but coming soon, in other words E3 conf is not a way to show off how packed with games the next few months are but more a way to introduce games regardless of when they are released.
Plenty of games still coming this year so maybe you d have be happier if those were in the presser?

81BX887d ago

2017 is 6 months away but lets be honest, those wont see light till holiday time if at all. Sadly this has been the gen of delays.

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Errorist76888d ago

And all that while MS did not show one game with X1 graphics...just PC graphics blender.

theFAYEsorceress888d ago

bu-bu-but, scorpio! lol and wtf, ms is STILL going back to minecraft in 2016? seriously? sony took a healthy, hefty dump on ms this year.

WickedLester888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

More like they pulled their dick out and smacked MS in the mouth with the bald-headed champion!

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gamerpop888d ago

Spider man, Death Stranding, Resident Evil 7, Days Gone, God of War.. Are you KIDDING ME?! That blew me away.

Summons75888d ago

Most definitely but it would have been better if they had more games releasing this year. We had hardly any release dates and even fewer for this year =/

Still an amazing show though. Days Gone is the only one I found meh (because yet ANOTHER zombie game in an already bloated genre) and even then it still looked amazing.

kranker888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Nioh, Nier Automata, Gravity rush 2, TLG, Gran Turismo sport, Star Ocean 5 and Hellblade all releasing 2016.
Plenty of exclusives for everyone there.

C-H-E-F888d ago (Edited 888d ago )


You forgot The Last Guardian, Persona 5 and No Mans Sky... :D

81BX888d ago

The only game worth mentioning for me is the last guardian for 2016. Its looks to have a beautiful art style.

ShadowKnight888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Xbox one don't really have that many games coming out except Gears of War 4. TBH Sony has release more games this year. Microsoft still haven't release a game that's on Uncharted 4 level.

OB1Biker888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

Days gone is my game of the show :D
I love the very mature tone and its NOT yet another zombie game shooter with silly weapons
Its more like the last of us but open world with bikes

888d ago
kingdom18888d ago (Edited 887d ago )


A lot of games have been delayed and many of those very well could get delayed. Nioh, Nier Automata, Gravity Rush 2 and Hellblade don't have confirmed released dates, I was hoping to see those at E3. Gravity Rush 2 is the only one I feel like has the best chance to release this year though, hopefully not.

Apparently Nier Automata was delayed according to this bit at the end of this Dualshockers article ( ) Hopefully, early 2017 means around February.

Letthewookiewin888d ago

Summons you forgot to mention Sony just released the best game of the generation on top of an amazing E3 conference.

Sparta07888d ago

Lol, how many more games you want them to release this year?

Goldby888d ago

@Kranker, cant wait for hellblade

DigitalCentralMedia888d ago

We have already gotten a bunch of exclusives this year.

coreyweb888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

right? It looked cool but seriously....SO many zombie games in the past two years. I hate zombie stuff....just not into it at all. Same with Resident Evil. I mean they all looked well done.....but I would never buy them. Only one I would buy is Horizon. Then whatever the heck that Death Standing or whatever random.

Was a good show non-the-less....but ultimately not interested in most of it.

iceman06888d ago

The thing about showing what's coming this year is that, with the worldwide internet coverage, that information has been leaked and covered to death. Sony has ALWAYS chosen to showcase the future at E3. They usually use "smaller" conferences to give updates on near games. (even then they add one or two surprises) If there is a particular IP or hardware that is highly anticipated, they will highlight release dates at E3. (like TLG and VR getting release date info) Other than that, they use E3 to get people hyped for the future. MS does it a bit different. Not wrong or right...just different.

81BX887d ago

To be fair sony hasnt released anything close to uncharted either, its not any easy thing to do despite how easy ND makes it look lol.

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C-H-E-F888d ago

then how are you typing? Are you immortal my son?

theFAYEsorceress888d ago

the ENTIRE sony conference was amazing.

MrsNesbitt888d ago

Sony stole the show definitely.

TheHip14888d ago

The Last Guardian was incredible. Best moment of E3 so far

GameBoyColor888d ago

crowd went nuts when the release date appeared on screen. Really enjoyable to hear the hype build even more.

Movefasta1993888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

what? We've seen that game time and time again, no way near as big as gow

I am not hating on tlg ,day 1 buy but they have been teasing us with the game for a decade now, i dont see how that was the best moment of THIS e3,GOW easily stole the show EASILY.

IIFloodyII888d ago

Time and time again? We've seen it like 6 times in 10 years...

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