Gamervision PAX 08: Hands-On Champions Online

GV reports:

''After hanging out with the guys from Cryptic Studios last night, we met up again today on the PAX floor so that we could play a little Champions Online. Champions is an upcoming MMO in which you play as a superhero, and the game is supposed to have a very good character creation system, making each hero completely unique. Each hero can also develop some skills as he or she progresses, as well as acquiring different types of weapons.

I was hoping to get some time in with the character creator, but that wasn't up and running on the show floor, so instead I explored a little bit with the pre-made characters. I chose to use a 360 controller instead of standard PC controls, because I feel more at home with a controller than a keyboard. I wasn't thrilled about my superhero, just because I felt that I could make a better one, but I did the best with what I had.''

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