Jolt Preview: Crysis Warhead

Jolt reports:

''Were you entirely happy with Crysis? It seems that Crytek felt there was some room for improvement. In the not-a-sequel-but-technically-not-an-expansion Crysis Warhead, due for release in just under a few weeks' time, the developer has gone back to the drawing board in some areas, promising a more accessible, better optimised game with improved multiplayer content.

Warhead takes place on the same island as the first Crysis, during the same series of events and with many of the same characters. Although apparently a full-length game, the re-use of assets has meant a shorter development time and a budget price point. Normally we'd call that a standalone expansion, but EA is emphasising that the story is capable of being taken in isolation.

The game follows the exploits of Sergeant 'Psycho' Sykes, who you'll no doubt remember from the parachute drop and radio chatter in the first game. One look at the cockney Special Forces soldier tells you he's probably a man to shoot first and not stop to ask questions, and the gameplay confirms that. Psycho, who finds himself on the other side of the island from Nomad fighting pesky North Koreans and malicious aliens, will be able to dual wield sub-machine guns and equip a grenade launcher and explosive charges.''

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