E3 Crowd Impressed by Trailer, Until Call of Duty Title Screen

"As I sat in the crowd at E3 earlier tonight, a gorgeous, high-action FPS game was shown off with no title before-hand. In case you live under a rock, and might not know, COD: Infinite Warfare has been hit with huge amounts of criticisms with its recent trailer (prior to E3). It actually went on to be the most disliked trailer in the history of YouTube.

However, my experience from earlier tonight shows proof that players aren’t actually tired of the Call of Duty gameplay, but rather the name," -- Playstation Enthusiast.

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JJShredder524d ago

Seriously, so called "Gamers" don't even know what they want anymore. One of the best gameplay trailers at E3 IMO. When was the last time there was a game where you could go from space combat to first person shooting seamlessly?

Screw the haters, day one for me.

Germany7524d ago

I also liked the gameplay, to be honest.

Eonjay524d ago

I was quite surprised. I haven't wanted to play a COD campaign in a long time but that got me on board instantly.
It just looks fun. COD is an Arcade Shooter and this plays like a really fun fast past arcade shooter.

starchild524d ago

I have to be honest, for some reason I didn't even realize it was the new Call of Duty game. I just assumed it was some new Sony exclusive and thought it looked really good. Some of the way through I realized it was the new Call of Duty. But it didn't change my opinion because I don't jump on bandwagons or let that kind of thing influence my thinking.

morganfell524d ago

Screw the haters, day one.

Deadpooled524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

As soon as I saw the initial flight gameplay and the style being similar to one of the levels in black ops 3 I knew it was infinite warfare (it was mentioned as appearing in the preshow so that had some part in me suspecting it), surprised nobody in the conference was booing it even when the title appeared at the end, but there were more cheers for the modern warfare remaster.

nix524d ago

i really thought it was Killzone on space until i saw the COD... hahaha.. i must say it was impressive move.

kneon524d ago

The problem is that the story is almost guaranteed to be incoherent crap unless they've fired the entire writing team.

AnubisG524d ago

I liked it too to be honest. Can't say that CoD is back but that gameplay trailer looked really good and I will get this CoD.

bouzebbal524d ago

Looked amazing... I thought it was killzone at first sight.. This might finally be my first COD

SolidStoner524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

I never wanted any game to die out!

but seriously COD is one of those rare games to deserve to die out because of milking and not listening to theyre fans.. in other hand...

... if the gameplay is good and there is full of high quality content then why not, some may like it.. I dislike strongly that future setting, like enough is enough, but for someone new to COD that might be quite fine (or those who like this 6 vs 6 fast pace shooting( like I do like it, just dislike the setting, but its me and thats ok! :D )).. and am ok with that.. I just hope it gets what it deserves in the end!

uth11524d ago

I thought Killzone as well. A VR Killzone because I thought they were still showing VR titles, lol

qwerty676524d ago


Looked fun to me.

MurDocINC524d ago

People aren't sick of COD, people are sick of COD turning futurist.
Modern/WW2 soldier is more relatable and immersive than a future/space marine. Why you think BF1 is getting praise?

Omegasyde524d ago

Yea i thought it was a vr game, and was oh snap. Now if they Make Call of duty vr capable with those graphics...

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Sunny_D524d ago

Yeah, at first I thought it was PsVR title since Sony didn't tell us the VR montage ended. Then when I saw the game's title, I thought no way... It actually looked good.

JJShredder524d ago

This was really confusing to me as well, there was never really and "Endpoint" for the PSVR stuff. I thought maybe it was going to be some kind of Eve: Valkyrie game......was pleasently suprised.

rainslacker524d ago

I actually thought it was Eve:Valkyrie. Thought they were revealing the game was much more in depth than I originally thought, and I was loving it, because E:V was one of those wing commander type games that I am looking forward to. Then COD popped up, and I became excited to play a COD game. Length of SP campaign will determine if I buy it sooner, rather than later.

Kidmyst524d ago

I was confused as well, since it was shown after VR stuff, is COD both the remake and new game VR compatible? I thought it was a new VR title as well but then wondered after it showed COD if it works with VR.

DLConspiracy524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

That's exactly what I thought. I was confused because I was watching closely to see how good the graphics were for VR. As some of the games seem to cut back on the graphics to hit that frame rate. So I was impressed with how it looked and also thought it was an eve valkyrie like game. So I'm not sure I was impressed with it being VR or what.

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notachance524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

that and resident evil seriously made my jaw dropped when they show the titles at the end

THAT was resident evil? THAT was CoD?

a testament to Sony's damn good conference, in an instant they managed to shut everyone's prejudice down, now it's up to each games to do the trailer justice.

Sitdown524d ago

Dag you riding Sony hard... Did they create the trailer for COD? Just maybe, Activision heard of the YouTube response, and decided to set up a clever trailer.

JJShredder524d ago

It really was brilliant to present it the way they did. Maybe game trailers should take note in the future and just run with the gameplay first and not tell you what it is until the very end.

rainslacker524d ago


I think the trailer was made the way it was to sell the game on it's merits, instead of the name. Hardcore gamers have their preconceptions, and the way Activision made the trailer made it so you didn't go into it with those. Wouldn't say Sony created the trailer, but I'm sure they had some input on where it would be placed(many thought it was a VR game at first), and likely worked with Activision on how to get the message they wanted across.


I always like the franchise trailers that you don't realize what they are until the end. Sometimes it's obvious, but when it's not, it's always just an extra bit of excitement after you get into the game otherwise.

WiiU-Dude524d ago

It's freaking genius. This was a COMPLETELY calculated attempt to show people hate on Call of Duty just to hate on Call of Duty. Man I just LOVE it. Gamers are getting so cynical. I have bought every COD day one in spite the constant shalacking COD gets. Then I heard about the hate and saw the numbers on YouTube for the trailer and thought, people are so ignorant these days. It was mildly underwhelming, but my comment is there and it will show I write it before this, that people need to let up! No one has even played it yet and still so many thumbs down. It wasn't just the trailer itself they thumbed down either!! No matter, this proves people want to hate on COD. This was astonishing!! It won't do anything to the haters though. They are too obtuse and thick headed.

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hells_supernova524d ago

I have never and i mean NEVER bought a Call of Duty game only rented and that gameplay holy crap it blew my mind about half way through I clicked and realized this was Call of Duty and I was hooked.

Imagine if you can pick the planets in the solar system to defend or attack, thats the impression I got.

I am very tempted to buy now

GHOSTxx420524d ago

Seems as if we are all gonna get it now, it looked amazing. Cant wait for all the great games coming out...

King_Lothric524d ago

Agree. "gamers" don't even know what they believe anymore too. One day they tell you "power doesn't matter", the next day they say "power matters, then they say " exclusive game are important " then the next day they say "exclusive game are no longer important".

COD looks good and there is no shame about it. The only shame is on bipolarity gamers who change their statements daily.

Erik7357524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

To be honest it didn't look terrible which is why it was considered good....oh you get on rails shitty space ship trigger shoot combat whwohaowhaoehaoehao
I realized it was fall of duty like a minute in and I was impressed and it was good FOR CALL OF DUTY STANDARDS.
If I were to pick the worst game shown at that conference Skylanders would latterly be the below COD.

the_hitman3000524d ago

Maybe it's because people like you seem to fall for them every year. Look don't get me wrong I'm glad you enjoy it but before this gameplay everyone seemed to be over with cod. Now it's that repeating cycle, after Black Ops 3 I was done. It didn't look terrible but once I saw it was Cod I lost interest, reason being MW3 and Ghosts were terrible.

rainslacker524d ago

I think it did it's job to get people that wouldn't normally be interested interested again. I mean, going forward, something may come up that will make us remember why we aren't that big into COD, but for the time being, there is buzz and hype generated for a lot of people that wouldn't otherwise look twice, and would be quick to criticize and dismiss because of the name alone.

SenorFartCushion524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

clearly showing a biases are these so called "gamers."

Day one for me too.

And plus, one of the characters' heads was shown before hand lol you could tell what it was.

FlameBaitGod524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Still doesn't change the fact that they are charging us 80 bucks in order to play COD4 Remaster, will be full of bugs and probably no real dedicated servers

SenorFartCushion523d ago

They have to. Why spend 3 years making a game that no one will like if you have a Cod remaster in the works?

Selling it seperately would be a bad idea

Timesplitter14524d ago

I don't think it's fair to call it "gameplay". It was all so scripted it hurt to watch. Actually most big game trailers seem to do that now. How unfortunate

Utalkin2me524d ago

Dont think it's "Fair" to call it gameplay? Thats exactly what it was, even if it was some what scripted. Thats the first time i have ever heard someone say that. I dont think it's fair to call gameplay "gameplay".....ROFLM AO.....

Erik7357524d ago

I know but sony's first party games seemed to be the saving grace.

Veneno524d ago

I liked the demo. But for me Call of Duty always demos well and then the final product releases and it is not as exciting as the demo. I think the mixed reaction to it is completely fair even if it seems contradictory.

rainslacker524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

I have to agree with this writer. It's the name that seems to generate certain feelings about the franchise. The criticism was because of the huge change in setting, and the bundling of another game, and people's beliefs it would just suck because it was a pretty big change. But people seemed to be loving the game play shown. I think what they did was carefully calculated to make it seem like it was a different game. Get them to be into it on it's own merits, then kind of dissolve their preconceptions with the title. It came right after the VR games, with no fan fare, and just looked like a ton of fun. I heard several comments of shock that it was COD, but seemed everyone was into it.

Well played on Activisions part IMO. I just hope it has a decent length to the SP campaign, because I'm still not interested in the MP because that's not my thing.

jessionpc524d ago

Have fun. Day never for me.

I Will NEVER buy a game with a chopstick story. This is supposed to be Call of Duty, not Mass Effect: Turian Wars. Damn rights people were impressed when they saw it, they ALL thought it was Mass Effect... Until things started feeling EMPTY. Then the title drop.

It's time to let Call of Duty die, for good. Their IP doesn't even make sense anymore. It's not following any continuity. Nothing about this game feels like Call of Duty.

B-BUT THEY'RE JUST TRYING TO EVOL- No. Just come up with a new ip.

T-THAT'S UNREALISTIC! CALL OF DUTY IS WORTH BILLI- Great. Then have an inner battle of monopoly vs sense. I'm not.

IamTylerDurden1524d ago

I didn't realize it was CoD and i was impressed. I said "I want to play that game" and even though CoD represents some of the negative things in our industry u have to give credit where it's due. CoD looks awesome.

spicelicka524d ago

I'm sure people know what they want. If you want this then good for you. What I saw looked great, but mostly all CoD E3 presentations look great. That's actually the thing CoD does best, LOOKING great.

I saw one part where they showed some bit of freedom in flying the spacecraft, but it was such a short bit and then boom back to linearity. I like my freedom, and until they convince me that it's not a linear fest like the past CoDs then I don't really care about it.

524d ago
miyamoto524d ago

It looked nothing like COD and that is why I love it. LOL!

brokenbracket524d ago

The thing that I'm tired of is how short the campaign is and the only replayability comes in the form of a repetitive MP. If they can make a game where we get new campaign content, and there's activities to do in PvE after beating the story, then I'd be on board. I'm not a fan of Battlefield either, in case you're wondering.

I'm tired of game companies making a video game with a 6-8hr campaign with a repetitive MP. I'm looking for something with substance, something I can really sink some time into. $60 for 6hrs of gameplay doesn't seem like a good investment.

Zeref524d ago

That trailer was insane. I thought it was another new IP but the more I saw the more I started thinking, wait is this COD? and then the title screen. I was like damn. I seriously underestimated this. Did they improve the graphics since the first trailer?

brighthand524d ago

"When was the last time there was a game where you could go from space combat to first person shooting seamlessly?"

Star Citizen

524d ago
PiperMCFierceson524d ago

You are crazy, people like you are why they keep recycling and cashing in. That video was not that impressive. Especially the whole on a rail space battle. COD boast about being the "best" shooter. And it's fan are too irresponsible to hold them to that status. Instead just settle.

NoFanboyJustLovGames524d ago

preach.... i cant wait, never judge a book by the cover, or author

Enate524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

To my understanding the issue comes from how the multi-player will play. An not really anything to do with the campaign.

MagicBeanz523d ago

Haters are just poor people who cant afford to buy all the games they have to hate to make themselves feel better.


I also agree, while I prefer other genre of games, this still looked fun. I wouldn't commit to anything, but at some point I'd definitely give it a whirl (sometimes ya gotta still have your popcorn).

Dabigsiebowski523d ago

Battlefield looks to keep pushing the genre though. I'm thinking 1 will be day one on ps4 for me.

Good-Smurf523d ago

I might be one that actually knew right away that I was Infinite Warfare but ended up watching the whole demo
came away very surprised and enjoyed it.
Clearly Taylor an EX-Naughty Dog dev had something to do with this enjoyable campaign demo.

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Kalebninja524d ago

My theater enjoyed it through and through, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it looks.

Onenyte524d ago


I have never experienced a PlayStation experience in a theatre,mainly because i live in the U.K and we don't have it over here , but how was the reaction when kratos appeared?

Kalebninja524d ago

unfortunately my theater had issues with the line so by the time I got in Kratos had already shown up.

IamTylerDurden1524d ago

I was at the Hamilton 24 in New Jersey and when Kratos appeared the room went CRAZY. Ppl were screaming and loosing their s***. I have never heard such a unified applause in person in my life. The entire show was exhausting with how much overwhelming excitement there was. We could not catch our breath.

totallysane523d ago

A roar of applause and cheer.

spicelicka524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

This is article doesn't make sense though. People aren't biased towards hating CoD, they just know what the title entails.

The demo looked good, but most demos look good. It showed a great presentation but how much of that will we have?

Literally ALL CoDs have moments that are incredible, people are just used to being shown those short incredible moments, and being disappointed by the rest. It's completely logical, people need to use their brain.

If the game turns out to be really good, that's great, but we have to base it on past CoD track record for now.

Soldierone524d ago

The entire single player is normally exactly how they show it off....
BO3 had jumping and sci fi, we got that
Ghosts was slower, more CQ style, we got that
Advance Warfare had massive scale battles, we got that.

If you liked what you saw then you like the game, even if it says COD after it..... People are just "too cool" to admit it.

Onenyte524d ago

It now just speaks volumes on the player rather then the game now ......

People just need to admit it, it actually looked good.

spicelicka524d ago

^But why would people hate it? Only because they've played enough past iterations to come to that conclusion.

The burden is now on the game to convince us. I thought it looked good, but I've felt that way about every CoD E3 demo, except for maybe Ghosts. I thought Advance warfare looked amazing, and actually got the game, all the "looking good" turned out to be just that. It was a linear corridor shooter, they let you fight a walking tank which at first seemed amazing, then all freedom was taken away, you were pointed to an rpg which you picked up and shot right there. None of that gets reflected in small gameplay videos.

I thought the space fight looked awesome, but they showed 20 seconds of it before throwing you off the craft. At this point I don't know if it'll be a linear path to fly through, or a bigger space sandbox that you get to fly freely in.

524d ago
Thatguy-310524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Sony's conference was so lit that it made COD look cool lol surprised they didn't show destiny

Gitgud524d ago

Nah, COD didn't show their name in the beginning of the gameplay trailer, because faggot haters would've shat on it before they even gotten a chance. Now it seems alot of people changed their minds.

TheBurger29524d ago

Oh cool campaign stuff! To bad nobody buys CoD for the campaign.


these haters irritates. cod did keep them in mind before showing gameplay!


do you mean that is all because of the enviroment not the cod. the cod had amzing graphics and cool gaming that all gamers want these days from the games and i am too a fan of cod.