PSI Review: Disgaea 3

PSI reports:

''Holy crap, Disgaea 3 is here! There goes the weekend, the week, probably even the next month. Hours upon hours of strategy goodness await players in the latest entry into the Nippon Ichi stable of games. It has been a few years since a proper game was introduced into the Disgaea universe, but it was worth the wait for fans of strategy RPG's .

One of the things that makes the Disgaea series so recognizable is its unique visual style. Hand drawn cut scenes tell most of the story, while all of the gaming bits are presented with pixilated sprites with a surprisingly impressive amount of detail. Disgaea 3 affords smooth framerates since sprites aren't very trying on the PS3 Cell Processor and all of the visual flare for special and magical attacks are well done. Although many of the fans of the series aren't playing Disgaea 3 because of how it looks, it would have been nice to see some clean and polished character models instead of blurry sprites. To that end, it is a little disappointing to still be playing a PlayStation 2 game on your PS3.

Matching a soundtrack to any game's visual appeal is tricky, but the Disgaea games have always managed to achieve a soundtrack that gets stuck in your head for days on end. A good way to describe the score is a mix of strange, yet endearing tunes with just a hint of gypsy inspiration. If you have heard music from the Disgaea anime or played other Nippon Ichi games like Phantom Brave or Makai Kingdom, then you have a pretty good idea of the musical styling of Disgaea 3. As a side note, the music is such a memorable part of the experience that GameStop is offering the game's soundtrack to preorders.''

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Jamegohanssj53754d ago

I just don't understand why did IGN give this game such a low rating, but other gaming sites are giving this game a bit above average scores. This game is one that uses game play to make up for graphics, so why care so much about them? I think Hilary was a bit hung over when he did the rating. 88 out of 100 is pretty good; I may pick up this game a little later when I get the chance.


Vicophine3753d ago

^Because IGN likes to give reviews for shock value nowadays..

This game, to me, is a solid 9/10, everything I wanted in a SJRPG.