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Hold_It885d ago (Edited 885d ago )


EA = D- (The only thing stopping me from an F is we finally got a glimpse of ME, and Star Wars games announced, and free EA Access for the weekend)

Bethesda = C+ (Liked the new Prey, but I don't care for TES or Fallout and liked Dishonored 2's gameplay)

BF1 = A+ (Looks like all the good things about COD WaW with BF4's gameplay running on the Battlefront engine)

Ubisoft = F (All the games they showed looked lame imo, and lack of Splinter Cell, Rayman, Prince of Persia killed it 4 me)

Xbox = B+ ( I want to try Forza now. Scalebound, Halo Wars, Sea of Thieves, and Gears 4 + Scorpio announcement, Cross Platform MP between PC and X1, Cross Buy, and the new Slim model looks sick, was considering trading in my original one for a slim, but after the immediate Scorpio announcement, I will wait for that to drop instead :D)

Sony = A+ (Crash, Resident Evil 7 announced and back to horror finally, God of War looks dope af, and Horizon looks cool, and holy crap, SPIDERMAN, freaking Yuri Lowenthal as him too, I didn't think that space game was actually going to be CoD, it looked great)

I imagine Sony and Capcom are saving Resident Evil 2 Remake for PlayStation Experience.

Jamester0722884d ago

I agree that Ubisoft had the weakest showing this year. The highlight of the Sony show for me would have to be Detroit! That game looks [email protected]

Hold_It884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Yeah, count on them every year to do some cringe inducing stuff, lol. Ah yeah, It does look pretty sick! I'm hoping they really stick to the whole webbed storyline thing they showed in the last couple seconds of the video, cause woooooah is that going to be their (Quantic Dream's) most ambitious title yet!