Gamasutra - PAX: Bioshock's Levine On The Glory Of The Nerd

On the opening day of the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Bioshock creator Ken Levine, continuing the trend of keynotes past, chronicled his rise to nerd-dom in a glorious salute to the game fan.

He began with a recent anecdote, from just after BioShock was released. He went to EB to buy a Rome: Total War expansion pack. He was checking out the box at a stop light, and two guys in a pickup truck started harassing him, reportedly saying: 'Hey loser, what are you looking at, gay porn?' "And I realized," he said "that I've got this Fabio-looking guy on the cover. So I'm going to tell them what I think of them, and instead what came out of my mouth was 'no, it's not gay porn -- it's an expansion pack to a very nice simulation game!' And I was instantly transformed from a 40 year old guy into the nerdy kid I was in high school."

"When my parents rolled my character, they didn't get any 18s," joked Levine. "They got a couple 12s maybe, maybe a couple 5s; strength, agility, charisma."

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