I’ve Never Been So Disappointed In New Console Announcements

Normally when new consoles are announced it is an exciting time in the generation, but when the new consoles are not really a leap in value that excitement quickly vanishes. Do console owners really need a half step up mid-generation? We don’t think so.

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hirobrotagonist887d ago

Project Scorpio is basically a new console. Microsoft could have easily branded it as such, the specs are a significant improvement

Nyxus887d ago

Yes. Actually, Microsoft just said that it might get its own games that aren't on the XB1 (Shannon Loftis said this during the Youtube E3 stream).

Agent_00_Revan886d ago

It's a new system. They just didn't want to call it that because it is such a short time since the X1 released. It's a little early for a new system. But they will transition games to it quietly, and they'll kill off the X1.

seanpitt23887d ago

Yeah 6tf is massive for a console if we never had VR coming in and this generation lasted 6 years like previous years then the specs of next gen would of been around that figure so for xbox this is next gen to the xb1

Lennoxb63887d ago

Its not though. Sure its more significantly more powerful than the X1 but its still not a big enough jump to be considered next gen. Next gen will have more power than the Scorpio.

Thatguy-310886d ago

The Scorpio is 4x more powerful than the regular xbox one. That's a lot man.

madmonkey01886d ago

it's about the same % gain as between the 360 and One.

blackblades886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

They pulled off a nintendo move, which I don't see why since they'll selling not like nintendo.

jessionpc886d ago

8gb of ram were bottlenecked walking INTO this generation.

Sorry, but as the gpu gets stronger, without the rest of the vital aspects of the console, it's not really that much of a significant improvement.

Graphics are only one thing man... Someday when we got interactive AI with language recognition, you'll understand what I mean.

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Dlacy13g886d ago

"we buy a unit and we expect it to last 8-10 years" ...With tech moving as fast as it is these days that line of thinking is just ridiculous and old school. I would have been much happier if the PS3 and 360 life-cycles had been about 3 yrs shorter. I felt while we still got good games in those final years the consoles themselves were well outdated from a performance standpoint both graphically and in terms of what we were looking/asking them to do process wise. the PS4 and Xbox One while solid machines are just average for today's tech. If they had been out maybe 2 yrs earlier they would have been far more impressive in the tech landscape imo.

darthv72886d ago

People seem to forget the average time between console releases is 5 years. Some had shorter some had longer but 5 years is the average. this situation it would be 4 years which is the same length as between saturn and dreamcast and xbox and 360. PS2 came out 5 years after PS1

Chuuzuu886d ago

I agree, 8-10 years for a console life cycle is just ridiculous at the rate that technology is advancing. Also, people forget that the first Xbox only lived for 4 years before the 360 took over. I'll hold off on the One S but the "Scorpio" is a definite buy for me.

iamnsuperman886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

Well nothing really was announced. That is the problem. Nothing was ready to announce and such nothing should have been announced.

I don't agree with people being "left behind". I actually thing these new 2.0 console won't sell that well. As base versions prices get lower and these 2.0 systems propositional themselves in the PC build price bracket they are not leaving enough room for people to jump on board in big enough numbers. The 3DS is different since the price never truly changed that much. With the way Microsoft is talking I am expecting, at the very least, a $600 system (a price that struggles to sell consoles due to their target audience) because it isn't going to be an affordable system (like their hardcore controller). These things are really for pushing VR and that is it but it is making VR seem even more unattainable. VR needs to stay with the PC build enthusiast for the mean time until the price of suitable parts lowers. Both Microsoft and Sony need to leave VR alone in the console world for now. Build the VR dream with PCs. The migrate later.

Lennoxb63886d ago

"I actually thing these new 2.0 console won't sell that well."

Then you are sadly mistaken. They are going to be hard to come by at first I bet. Like the Elite controller. Same goes for the Neo. You can't listen to complainers on N4G and think that represents the majority. Even some of the complainers are going to the buy them.

iamnsuperman886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

I think you misunderstand the market for these machines. Sony struggled to sell a $600. Microsoft struggled to sell a $400 machine (when you look at who and how many are buying systems at that time). Those interested in high end specs with high end cost brackets are more likely to sink money into a PC (as it isn't a closed system) than a high end closed system with little room to breathe and expand. Console have never, and never will, serve that high end cost market. They are and have to be cheap to serve a particular market. We are more likely to splurge on the extras (like a elite controller) than these machines

blackblades886d ago

Your mistaken, I haven't hopped on the galaxy 7 and I'm still at galaxy 4. You don't see me buying a new car of the same model every year. No one's going to keep buying new systems like that.

Lennoxb63886d ago

"Those interested in high end specs with high end cost brackets are more likely to sink money into a PC"

But you forget that this is for people who are trying to spend the least amount possible for something better. You also forget that 90%-95% of gamers haven't the slightest clue about PC hardware. Hardcore gamers don't only exist in the PC market. Hardcore gamers who want more bang for their buck are on console as well. Every hardcore gamer can't afford a PC either.

krypt1983886d ago

Naw the Polaris and shrinking of the dye that gpu will be around 150 the scorpio will bemail around 350-400

Nodoze886d ago

I don't get all the hate here. Anyone that has gamed on PC knows full well that there is ALWAYS new hardware and improvements to be had. Granted I do NOT want consoles to become PC gaming, but an iterative improvement in capabilities that run current games even better. Yes please. For anyone not wanting to update. Don't. You don't have to. There is no way in hell Sony is going to jeopardize the 40 million console install base they have secured this gen. Anyone who thinks they are just going to throw that away and make a brand new console is crazy. For Sony it will be a more powerful PS4 that runs VR better.

MS on the other hand went too far. THEY are introducing a whole new console. I think that is a mistake.


I'm actually happy about the new console simply because I'll have a good job and I'll be able to afford it finally. That and this gen has been a let down except for maybe 5 games for me.

MatrixxGT886d ago

Yeah this whole gen has been mediocre at best. Sure there's a few gems but it's nothing like last gen.

mgszelda1886d ago

We're 2 and half years in... wtf.That is when consoles finally get their legs

WellyUK885d ago

um no it isn't the 360 had some belters in the first 2 and a half years... This gen has only really had 1 stand out which is witcher 3 and the severe lack of good MP games has been laughable.

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