Green PC Needs Less Juice Than a Light Bulb

PC world writes: "British PC maker Akhter Computers has launched a computer that can run at 3GHz, yet consumes just 55 watts when in use, less energy than a light bulb.

The LoCO2PC is even more power frugal when in sleep mode, consuming just 3 watts, which is useful for organizations that leave their PCs on overnight.

The Akhter machine claims to the world's first Energy Star 4.0 approved all-in-one PC that is running the Intel Core2 Duo processor at 3.0 GHz. Energy Star 4.0 certification is the upgraded environmental standard that is mandated across the EU for all public procurement."

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ArmrdChaos3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

What kind of video is this thing sporting...because obviously it will not be game worthy unless your game is solitaire. A top of the line video card consumes a lot of power and generates a lot of heat. This is great for ordinary PCs, but for us gamers it doesn't really apply.

Skynetone3674d ago

and charge you three times the price

noting revolutionary here