The Armchair Empire Review: Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor

The Armchair Empire writes: "It's not enough that Stardock gives us one of the best slabs of 4X strategy goodness in the form of Sins Of A Solar Empire. It's not enough that they already put out Galactic Civilizations II and the Dark Avatar expansion, with a tech tree that makes a sequoia look like a shrub and an array of bibs and bobs for starship design that have forever spoiled me in terms of how my mighty fleets should look as they plunder the cosmos. No, they just had to go and stuff even more goodies down our throats. Twilight of the Arnor brings literally stupid amounts of new stuff to the table. This, friends and neighbors, is how an expansion pack should be done. Not a filet mignon with a glass of wine and a sprig of parsley for garnish. This constitutes a 36 ounce slab of meat with a bottle of steak sauce and a keg of beer."

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