GameCyte Mirror's Edge PC Impressions

GameCyte writes: "After 36 hours of non-stop PC gaming at NVISION 08, some weary champions stumbled home, catching planes, trains and automobiles back to residences either temporary or permanent. Others passed out in not-particularly-comfortable chairs as they awaited a tremendous raffle at which thousands upon thousands of dollars in graphics cards, power supplies, motherboards were awarded. I? I went looking for my next story.

Just after I stepped into the NVISION exhibition room for the very first time, my eye was immediately drawn to a familiar red, blue and white color scheme. It was Mirror's Edge… running on PC. There was no more and no less of the game than we'd seen up to now - I sped past the same solar panels and fence, overhanging pipe, structure, balancing act, wallrun and final leap of faith you see in the game's brilliant original trailer - but for comparison's sake, the demo suited my needs perfectly."

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