Console Monster: Galaga Legions Review

Console Monster writes: "Galaga Legions, from Namco Bandai Games, is a twitch shooter that's trying to do for Galaga what Pac-Man CE did for the original pill-popping, maze crazy, ghost hunting game; and it succeeds rather well.

The game structure is split into two parts (though these are essentially the same thing). The normal arcade mode moves the player through the five different levels, where-as the championship mode allows any of these levels to be played in singularity, giving rise to high-score chasing antics.

Whilst Galaxy Legions is by no means difficult to pick up, there are a few tutorials to get newbies up to speed. Along with teaching the basics of ship control, these also delve into the more complex strategical elements, such as induced enemy kills and emerging point predictions. This helps the player to better understand the finer concepts of the game..."

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