Injustice 2 Won't Feature Fatalities, Roster Possibly Outed

NetherRealm Studios' recently announced Injustice 2 won't feature fatalities.

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BigBosss889d ago

It'd be nice if they made the game at least a little brutal. I know they don't usually allow their characters to be ripped into shred and stuff, but change is nice once in a while.

Yi-Long889d ago

Especially considering comic books aren't shy of killing off major characters, only to bring them back from the death months/years later.

maniacmayhem889d ago

No, including fatalities is a cheap gimmick that is best suited for MK. Injustice should be it's own game and stand on it's own premise and not rely on blood and guts.

Zorkaz889d ago

I agree, and in the end it is based on DC Comics which isn't often overly brutal in the first place. I mean it would kill me to see Batman tear Joker in two with his bare hands anyway.

KentBenMei889d ago

I disagree, a little brutal is not enough. Comics are brutal as f*** and these games should reflect that s***.

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CrimsonWing69889d ago

Um were there ever fatalities in any nether realms DC universe 3D fighter?

maniacmayhem889d ago

Captain Cold will replace Killer Frost, how much money does anyone want to put down he'll have moves stripped from MKX's Sub Zero?

HannibalBarca889d ago

Captain Cold doesn't have powers, he uses a cold gun, so maybe a clone of subs ice ball, other than that I don't see them being similar at all.

maniacmayhem889d ago

NR re-used a lot of assets, sounds, and moves from MK to the first Injustice. I'm sure NR will do the same for this one, which is why they have another cold/freeze character.

Cy889d ago

Did...anybody actually expect this? I mean, last time they were pretty clear about why they weren't doing fatalities, and it isn't like any of those reasons changed.

Personally, I think this is a side effect of speculation article culture. We're so used to seeing the most ridiculous "predictions" for E3 and other similar events that we just throw out what we want and get annoyed/surprised when it doesn't happen instead of having realistic expectations.

KentBenMei889d ago

I would like fatalities. Also, Goku DLC.

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