iPhone grows gaming buttons writes: "The JoyPod appears to be Belkins next big accessory for the Apple iPhone. This two piece skin slides on to either end of your iPhone and turns it into a PSP-esque gaming device. Once connected to your iPhone via the docking port you will be able to use the joystick and six buttons that are part of the JoyPod for games. You will also be able to control the majority of the rest of the iPhone."

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dnf273704d ago

I'm sorry, but for me this just totally ruins the whole idea of producing a multi-touch device! Why not just use on screen buttons? The screen is big enough. It's bigger than a DS and perhaps a PSP.

SpecialSauce3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

even tho your right it dose ruin the multi touch a bit and apple idea of substituting hard ware with great software. but this way is easier and more comfortable. this accessory would truly make the iphone a PSP/DS killer since it's got the ds touchscreen with the PSP comfort and big screen and it has motion sensing. plus iphone is very powerful.