Resistance 2 ARG sites halted

Looks like Project Abraham, getawarjob and America First America Only, three of the four Resistance 2 ARG sites, have been met their ends. There is nothing left on getawarjob, while Project Abraham left us a few clues. A letter in the inbox shows the Project has been stopped and moved from Alaska to Bryce Canyon facility, as well as an end letter from Dr. Aklin summarizing the work she has done. The last test subject, Kenneth Danby, was apparently released as well.

At America First America Only, a letter declaring "They've been on to us!" has been left behind. They are moving "further underground" and the last issue of their news letter, volume 7, is hidden away in their archives.

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InMyOpinion3730d ago

Isn't this exactly what did with Halo 2? Sony even copies MS marketing strategies. Wow.

Cajun Chicken3730d ago

Isn't this exactly what TV series and movies did before Halo 2? WOW.

juuken3730d ago

Jenzo, kindly shut the f!ck up.

Bombibomb3730d ago

Don't you know that Halo invented marketing?

Lol. Just ignore the 360 fanfag.

AllroundGamer3730d ago

you know what to do, when you want him to shut up ;)

thereapersson3730d ago

I know you're smarter than that. Don't bring yourself down a few levels by making ignorant statments in that manner, even if this is the gamer zone.

InMyOpinion3730d ago

lol! I just love how the same people take time to respond to them over and over again. I'll stop because I respect you, thereapersson.

thereapersson3730d ago

Besides, there is really only room for the one true "false troll", and that is Breakfast.

InMyOpinion3730d ago

That's right! And also, it will be funny to see how the others react to my 'change'. =)

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QuizPyro3730d ago

@ Cajun Chicken what bombibomd said is correct like how M$ created the mirror effect...

AliC3729d ago

I wonder if those map co-ordinates mean anything in the letter.