Ninja Blade Materializes at Xbox 2008 Fall Press Conference

Remember when the title "Ninja Blade" was leaked way back in May at Microsoft's Gamers Days 08? Well, it was finally unveiled today in Japan at the Xbox 2008 Fall Press Conference.


Added trailer to the story.

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facepalm3730d ago

Official Website:

Bombibomb3730d ago

Ew developed by FromSoftware, the makers of Armored Core and Otogi? No thank you.

candystop3730d ago

Otogi was hot and there's a good chance this game will be beautiful and some great gameplay. Also don't think for one sec that MS is sitting there ding nothing for 2009. Prepare yourself for some cold stuff thats soon going to be announced and disrupt the whole this is Sony year mentality again in 09!.

Lost_My_600_Dollar3730d ago

you feel jealous or you are disappointed cuz its exclusive to the 360 ??

AAACE53729d ago

I will have to see more on this game before I get interested, because past games by From Software weren't too impressive in my opinion.

Microsoft needs to get a game like Heavenly Sword! That game so far is the main reason I want a Ps3, and it would be good for both consoles to have a few different games like that!

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jesuisankit3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

You can see the trailer here


The site has a better, Highres Teaser

fufotrufo3730d ago

The site has some music up..MGS feeling all over it lol

Shaka2K63730d ago

LMAO when there is nothing exlcusive on your POS console you are stuck with flops like too human and now this .

Liar3730d ago

Yet another cool ninja game that juuken will not be playing.

AIi_The_Brit3730d ago

and juuken is another girl you wont be having sex with

or for that matter, any gir, ever


pwnsause3730d ago


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