IGN : Fable II Preview writes "you'll have to earn the gold to buy houses by working. Employment opportunities abound in Fable II and you could quickly earn some scratch by becoming a barman at the local pub or shoeing horses as the town blacksmith.

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Perjoss3759d ago

the shortest preview I ever read, doesn't really give much detail at all.

Filet of Children3759d ago

Agreed. That was a preview the same way that this is: You'll be able to gamble in Fable 2.

bouncybullet3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I think what this puny paragraph is trying to say is:
Fable 2 will also teach my the ways of Real Estate..!

Which isn't something that most video games do..

I'm cool with it.

falviousuk3759d ago

First thing i need to do when i get the game is to get 1 or maybe 2 jobs. Im allready over 200,000 in debt because of the fable 2 pub games. No i wont cheat to get the gold, and i pretty much suck at the games :-)


Hit me up, we can break into houses together.

bouncybullet3759d ago

You don't have to merge your pub games character with your fable 2 character.

and you can reset your pub games character history.

falviousuk3758d ago

Now if you could break into house and steal that would be a good job to try out *evil* grin
Yeah knew about resetting stats, but might start the game in the poor house to see what it does to you.
So many options, so many choices, never sure which way to go

HeroOfCows3759d ago

I can't believe this was approved. It's an excerpt from the GameSpy preview, third to last paragraph.

Dyingduck3758d ago

There has to be?

I mean, I love to work when I play...