With the Sony PlayStation NEO, AMD may have forced Sony's hand

Sony’s decision to build the PS4.5 a.k.a. the PlayStation NEO may have been precipitated by AMD’s decision to shift to a 14nm manufacturing process.

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912d ago
Apocalypse Shadow913d ago

Terrible read. It makes sense that AMD has pushed Sony forward with chips that are more powerful, more efficient for less money...

But this continued idea that:

***The PS4 is just barely capable of pushing out 60fps at 1080p, and that too not very consistently. The PS VR would require a minimum of 90fps at the same resolution for acceptable performance***

Straight up lie. In the weeks, months and year leading up to PSVR release, no journalist, developer or gamer who have USED it have said anything negative that it doesn't work and the experience wasn't great.I ask for ***ONE*** link where a developer has canceled their PSVR game they're making because it doesn't work on PS4. Just one. Or a developer that said it ***barely works***

1080p/60fps is a design choice by developers. But most try and design high end graphics that makes the frame rate go down. That's unbalanced development. Not that the system can't do it. As for PSVR, you can design a 90fps game,120fps game or solid 60fps reprojected to 120fps. What type of graphics you get is based on that game design.

If you say "PS4 can't do PC ultra settings at 90fps in VR." I would totally agree. This other notion is ridiculous and a lack of knowledge on game design and development. Show us proof that VR barely works on PS4. Because that would mean all VR options barely work because none of them are pumping out reality graphics.

gigoran912d ago

FINALLY! Someone that gets it! kudos to you. keep spreading the facts

Eldyraen912d ago

He never said that people say the VR doesn't work, just the fact that many games don't run at 1080/60 on the default ps4 so if they made a VR game the same way it wouldn't be able to run as smoothly (if the game was made to same visual standards) since it runs and outputs differently. The stronger kit can allow better performance with graphics we've come to expect (and less--not all games are U4 after all).

Of course developers could scale down a game to make it work but how many gamers actually want that happening after buying a potentially expensive peripheral just for VR games? I still don't think any will look near as good as U4 though as install base for VR won't be that high so demand is low for time being. Just make stylish and good looking games that suit the device.

I think a sim game could be cool myself--walk around in what you made, see it from different angles, etc. Just watch stuff happen even.

Graphics don't make a good game but facts are facts.

You seem to be pretty attached to what is basically a footnote in the article anyways that didn't even say anything like what you are talking about. The 90fps is probably just some random number but it is true if they wanted to make U4 run on VR as it does today on a ps4, it just wouldn't be possible at the same resolution and frame rate. A stronger kit should allow that IF a developer chooses to do so as well as allow 4K and better VR experiences in general.

All possible due to a new smaller, cheaper chipset.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI912d ago

I understand your argument, but also almost every journalist claims 30fps and 60fps makes no difference. hard to take their word when they think the new ps4 will play 4k games at $400 lol

krypt1983912d ago

It's common knowledge that the base model will not run vr games Effiecntly it simply is not powerful enough uncharted proved that, you are going to be one of the butthurt people who feel alienated if you want a vr experience because you will need to buy the neo period.. and believe me Sony is shaking in there boots can I don't even think 4 tflops will output 4k games only stream 4k shows but I could be wrong

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nitrogav912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

This is old news. I made a comment on this nearly 3 weeks ago.

BossBattle912d ago

That means either AMD is forcing MS hand on the Xbox Scorpio also or this article is trying to justify Sony releasing the Neo. No justification is needed because many people want the Neo. The more closer we get to the release the more hype the people will get.

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