Opinion: Why the current console generation is a disappointment

With new versions of the Xbox One and PS4 on the horizon, GameCrate breaks down why the current console generation has felt lackluster thus far.

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Kal-V3529d ago

"GameCrate breaks down why the current console generation has felt lackluster thus far."
I don't know man...maybe gaming just isn't for you.

TheSanchezDavid529d ago

I certainly enjoy gaming a great deal. I simply haven't found many titles to get excited about. One of the games I was most excited about playing when I got a PS4 was Galak-Z, and I ended up being massively disappointed by that.

nix529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

I buy games far less than other gamers do but still i have managed to buy enough to keep me happy. It purely depends on what games interests you. If Galak-Z was one of your most anticipated games on console, then i don't know man. Because games like Gears, Forza, GT, Uncharted, Final Fantasy, Halo, Super Mario, Zelda, God of War, TLOU, FIFA etc are normally the ones people anticipate most on consoles.

Maybe you're just in the wrong place.

Kal-V3527d ago

Galak-Z? Really? I mean, cool game but if thats your most anticipated...
Have you tried other games, or do you just see trailers and go "eehhhhh, naaahh"?
No Bloodborne or Dark Souls? Those tend to shake people out of their jaded-ness sometimes.
Evil within, Witcher 3, Infamous SS, Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Odin Sphere, and a ton more...

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showtimefolks529d ago

honestly speaking for me personally it's not bee a good generation so far. i think the jump from ps1 to ps2 was big than from ps2 to ps3(xbox360) but this time around we went from HD to better HD

i am still waiting for that IT experience on next gen(personal taste not a fact)

i think for me will be few games

god of war
mass effect

TheColbertinator529d ago

Give it some time. Most of the best games dont release in the beginning years. Perfect Dark,The Last of Us and Xenoblade released at the very end of their console cycles.

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