PAX 2008: When player feedback backfires writes "One might not expect the producer and designer of the original Petz to attract a big crowd at the hardcore gaming celebration that is the Penny Arcade Expo. However, Andrew Mayer's "You Don't Know What You Really Want" panel attracted an overflowing crowd to the "Wolfman Theatre," with additional attendees waiting outside hoping to fill any seats vacated mid-presentation.

Mayer apologized for helping create Petz.
Despite the Petz smear, Mayer boasts a lengthy resume including a wealth of casual games, Second Life, Cartoon Network's online games, and even a Zorro project for the Wii (which he suggested would never see release in the US). Over all those projects, Meyer said he learned the different between a player and a gamer.

"When players turn the game off, it's over," Mayer said. "They don't think about games when they're not playing them."

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