GameSpy: Fable 2 Preview

Coverage of Fable II has been strung out over years now, but GameSpy finally got some serious hands-on time with the combat system at PAX '08, as well as an in-depth look at the dynamics of its open-world, that made all of the build-up seem worthwhile. Even in the 10 or so week-old preview build that we played today, in which framerate hitches and animation miscues were still evident, the bones of some pretty sweet gameplay were also present, so cautious optimism seems justified. Throw in morally ambiguous sandbox gameplay that seems to reward both cruelty and kindness in equal measure (although with decidedly different "prizes") and it looks like the notoriously ostentatious claims of Lionhead Studios kingpin Peter Molyneux may not be so outlandish after all.

Your dog participates in fights; lots of conversational options; surprisingly deep economic structure.

Still has framerate issues; working a "job" while playing a game seems odd.

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Montrealien3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

MGS4 had FPS dips, still loved it. And there is an approve button Mr Bomb.

3367d ago
Montrealien3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

*scratches head*

I played warhawk for a while, great game. I didn't get the expansion yet though. What's your point?

Bombibomb3367d ago

MGS4 has FR dips? Since when? If you're going to defend Fable 2 then please do so without making sh!t up 'cause I have never seen anybody else besides you complain about the frame rate in MGS4. The game itself was locked 60 - 30 and never dipped below that. Or maybe you meant to say MGO?

They're saying Fable 2 has frame rate issues. Fable 2 already went gold so they can't change this. Epic fail.

Montrealien3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I defended Fable 2? I stand by what I said. I loved MGS4, even though I noticed that the end all be all of PS3 games (3 months ago) had fps dips, that is all.

You even admit it by saying it's "locked" 60-30, whatever that means. It's like you prove my point while arguing it. I noticed it dip from 60-30 I guess, you can see that sh*t. MGS4 is one of the best games I have played in years.

once again ,there is an approve button you know.

Bombibomb3367d ago

There's a huge difference. Fable 2 isn't even locked at 30 fps and it still has frame rate issues. MGS4 going from 60 to 30 is nothing to complain about, seeing how most games this gen are locked at 30. Fable 2 dipping below 30 is completely unacceptable.

bouncybullet3367d ago



all the bugs have been fixed since then.

who's the idiot that posted this..?

NO_PUDding3367d ago

When a plus point is:

"surprisingly deep economic structure"

You know they're having trouble coming up with stuff.

candystop3367d ago

It's an E3 build bomb quit sounding desperate to spread FUD about fable 2.

Immaculate3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I haven't noticed any framerate issues in the recent videos that I have watched.

Hey Xbox guys, what do you say to relieving bombi and no_pudding of some bubbles since they make it a point to troll any 360 news that comes along. Let's show people like this we don't care to hear their trolling.
<3 Hugs ; )

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shutupandplay3367d ago

the bad news is the wait is killing me! the good news is it will be one of the best games of the year. the BEST news is ps3 fans don`t get this.

ThatCanadianGuy3367d ago

Sure we do! Its going to be on PC :)

NO_PUDding3367d ago

You know what he means.

And indeed PS3 fans will be missing out on:

"surprisingly deep economic structure"

That's what I personally always look for in an exciting game.

Dyingduck3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

"Still has framerate issues; working a "job" while playing a game seems odd." = Bad hardware AKA Flopbox360


"...combat still appears to have some issues with choppiness..." = that's exactly what I thought of when watching the demo

AIi_The_Brit3367d ago

yeh im a PS3 fan and il be getting it

people sometimes forget that PS3 fans and even people you call "droids"

OWN a 360, they just realise it sucks and its a dying ship is all

like me :D

Bangladesh3367d ago

Because I own a ps3 and 360, and if I had to get rid of one, it would be the ps3 no questions asked. The ps3 sucks so bad, I doubt that I'll be buying Sony's next overhyped console.

Gam713367d ago

i'm still laughing at dyingduck.

She can't read.

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Immortal Kaim3367d ago

Sorry but I have to agree with Mont, MGS4 did have the occasional Framerate dip, doesn't mean it ruined the experience in anyway though, which is what I think he is getting at.

The version they previewed wasn't the final build so I'm hoping these issues do get sorted out, wishful thinking maybe?

TheColbertinator3367d ago

As long as the economy is deep I will be satisfied.All these games with huge inventories like MGS4 and Call of Duty 4 really drive me insane with greed.

Immortal Kaim3367d ago

I would be interested to know the relative price, of say, buying a standard house. I haven't played the Pub Games yet, but if people are earning enough money to buy a whole town from the very beginning, it sort of takes away from the experience.

Working to buy property is actually a positive in my opinion, sounds great.

TheColbertinator3367d ago

Yeah.Like how in Fable 1 you could kill the entire village,buy their houses and rent them for more money.Or how you accepted the evil missions because the payout was higher.Also being able to bring down earth trolls and snow trolls to collect their gems and sell them for 1000 gold each.

I was so evil in Fable 1 and I enjoyed it.

Immortal Kaim3367d ago

I can't say I remember those things... I must have been too much of an Angel :)

TheColbertinator3367d ago


Not me.I sacrificed the villagers to Skorm,cut the head off innocent traders,used lightning on town guards,summoned creatures from the netherworld,cheated on my 5 wives when I went to the whorehouse,stole from shops and made genital thrusts at the little kids.


Immortal Kaim3367d ago

You evil, evil man... LOL

Bubbles for being a 'real' gamer.

TheColbertinator3367d ago

Bubbles to you too man.

Keep up those good deeds.

Lost Odyssey Rules!Whooop

Gam713367d ago

Colbert if all that was true then you are one sick twisted person.

Wanna do co-op on fable 2?

That was one of the funniest things i have ever heard a gamer do. Just for that i'm giving you a bubble

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pshizle3367d ago

10 or so week-old preview build

bouncybullet3367d ago


Thank you.

unless they were at lionhead studios right now they have any FACTS about the final product.

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