GameSpy: Crysis Warhead Preview

Fargo got a great look at Crysis Warhead out of Games Convention in Leipzig, but GameSpy figured that there would be more info to squeeze out of PAX. Sure enough, there were a couple of new details available from the "Adapt or Perish" level, not the least of which appeared to be Crytek's claim that the CryEngine2 has been returned to perform on computers that could have only dreamed of running Crysis. Of course, the machines on which it ran at PAX were of the top-of-the-line variety, so whether or not Warhead will run smoothly on a $750 rig has yet to be fully substantiated. That said, Warhead looked amazing, incorporating an incredible level of detail, especially when squad mates attempt to move stealthily through flash-frozen underbrush and are foiled when the bushes simply shatter like delicate, crystalline doilies.

Excellent visual effects on icy terrain and foliage; dual-wieldable micro-SMGs; more open than previous game.

Enhanced CryEngine2 performance as yet unsubstantiated on low-end PCs; improved AI makes enemies clever devils indeed.

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