50 or so included LBP levels to take 12+ hours to complete and more

The LittleBigPlanet breakdown session was a little different than most. We've been seeing the game at every trade show since it was revealed at GDC 2007. As a result, the session took a more informal Q&A approach, rather than a showcase for the game's features.

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Wildarmsjecht3578d ago

Sweet. cant wait for this game

cahill3578d ago

However there will be MILLIONS of user created levels once LBP hits the market

LBP is an endless game and is the second coming of Jesus aka prophet ISA (AM)

Bombibomb3578d ago

The retail game comes with 50 levels but yeah there be will be thousands of user-created levels just days later.

waltercross3578d ago

Yeah according to the Interview one of the guys
behind LBP says it takes 12 hours for THEM to
complete the 50 levels but most likely more for
most players.

gokuss1220023578d ago

little big planet will be a wonderful game with endless possibilities and endless potential gameplay hours, but with blasphemy?

And to the people agreeing, I hope it was just to the first half and not the entire comment.

mikeslemonade3578d ago

It's as long as Too Human.

XXXCouture3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )


rushbd3578d ago

yep but it isnt as sucky as Too Human lolz ;)

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Chris Hansen3578d ago

I don't care about the pre-made levels! I just want to play the levels made by other players. Just imagine some of the levels that will be designed by the Japanese gamers!

Breakfast3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

...full of young, and willing kids. Its good be one big trap, isnt it :)

I said Resistance would be GOTY....i take that back.

LBP GOTY, and for good reason.

But, no need to get angry....theyre both playstation exclusives. M$ wont get their greedy hands on these ones.


cahill3578d ago

u crack us up man


El_Colombiano3578d ago

Racking up those bubbles now aren't you Breakfast? Haha.

Chris Hansen3578d ago

I am officially putting a patent on "To Catch a Predator" level. Everyone back off! Hopefully I'll catch Shane Kim playing my level.

Rock Bottom3578d ago

I bet someone have hacked into Breakfast's account, lol.

Milky3578d ago

The only way to unlock more things is to complete the levels.

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Carbide73578d ago


I can't wait for this,I'm talking sleepless nights here people!!

cahill3578d ago

suffering from insomnia actually

jkhan3578d ago

It will awesome fun. I hope the developers follow this game up. The user generated content in UT3 was great fun but the developers dropped the ball with it. But LBP is the most franchise for Sony right now. I hope they keep pumping some amazing levels.

aiphanes3578d ago

Just like the devs keep upgrading Warhawk and Burnout paradise...

And it seems so easy to develop a level in LBP...

This game is gonna be huge and spawn many other games like it...

cahill3578d ago

creating levels in LBP isnt hard and u will probably end up creating 100s of levels by yourself

Like i said LBP is an endless game