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Afrika, which at one point looked like being little more than a flashy tech demo, was released as a full game in Japan last week. Its future outside of Japan isn't assured, but we decided to make the journey into this continent-wide production to see what all the fuss is about...

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TheAveragePs3User3757d ago

I loooovee pokemon snap!

i ams so glad theres a sequeels!!!

lbp ftw!!!

pley b3yonds

DarkSniper3757d ago

Pure innovation at it's finest. Dark Sniper can appreciate a console who makes every conscious effort to bring him the most innovative, unique, and downright exciting games to the console market. Which is why he shows full support to the Sony PLAYSTATION®3 Home Entertainment Console.

Only PLAYSTATION®3 gives the gamer the satisfaction of a complete console with a complete lineup of games and online content. Dark Sniper will be purchasing Afrika due to it's creative concept and AAA quality. Microslaves will take personal offense to this news due to the fact that their company and those who own an Xbox 360, simply lack the intelligence and brain capacity to enjoy a game such as Afrika.


Splenda143757d ago

good game I think this game may appeal to a lot people

Raoh3757d ago

Great work sony... innovative indeed..

but can you find a way or innovate a freaking way to innovate a freaking united states release....

pretty f'n please?

i've been anxious to play this game for a while.. and my brother doesnt really play video games much (i gave him my ps2 when i got my ps3) he is a photographer and is always asking me about this game.......

n4gzz3757d ago

It will come to States someday. I am waiting myself too. I need something relaxing game when i get home from all day hard work. LBP will fill it but i want Afrika too. I just love animals.

Guitarded3757d ago

How is taking the guns out of a Cabella hunting game and replacing them with cameras innovative?

Brixxer6003757d ago

I thought this game already had a release date in the USA ?, i was hoping for one anyway, i know it's not coming to Europe (surprise, surprise) and was going to import it from the U.S., i just wanted a good looking game which i could play and chill out to at the same time.

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The story is too old to be commented.