Ninsox : Tiger Woods PGA tour 09 Review writes "FOUR! (Sorry had to get that off my chest). I've never owned a Tiger Woods game before, sure I've played a few down the years 06,07 All of which felt somewhat similar yet all the while great fun to play not to mention addictive. So this year I figured I'd grab a copy and dive in head first.

My first impressions were that EA have once again produced another solid golf title clearly miles ahead of anything else on the market. That is unless you prefer to swing the wii mote in an unrealistic fashion and convince yourself it's just like the real thing :)I really enjoy the swing system this year I feel the subtle changes EA have made really get you to concentrate on your analogue stick control, as I found out only too soon when my tired approach to the back nine of my first tournament really had an effect on where my ball landed. You can't help feel a sense of achievement and a job well done when you really master the analogue stick technique and score your first birdie."

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