PAX Panel: How To Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming

Kotaku writes: "Just for the record, readers, I'm here as a Plebeian (and I heart that word) – with a normal three-day pass I paid for with my own hard-earned money. I'm also hanging out with three friends and am subject to what they want to do, not what I want to cover. I have not once pulled rank as a Kotaku correspondent to score free shit or get into crowded events (okay, maybe once, but that was for The Conduit, which you can read about tomorrow)".

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Hellsvacancy3754d ago

besides like i want her to play it, although she did hav a go at The Last Guy when i bought it the other day but only for 10mins

Tacki3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

My girlfriend can actually kick my ass in alot of games (Tekken and Metal Gear Online as two examples). And no, I'm not bad... she's just really good.

I do tire of topics such as this though. All these 'get your girl into gaming' articles I mean. Maybe it's just me... but almost all this stuff is common sense! And even if my girlfriend wasn't into gaming... I wouldn't think it that big a deal.

I think the best advice is to just try to be interested in things she likes and she might be more open to the things you enjoy. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy 'the more you give the more you get'! At least when it comes to relationships.

DarkSniper3754d ago

Buying her a PLAYSTATION®3 will put you on the fast track of making her a gaming addict and winning her heart.


Wildarmsjecht3754d ago

My girlfriend already is into gaming. Mission Accomplished.....
....Although I wouldn't dare try and face her in Guitar Hero. Devil Went Down to Georgie can kiss my a$$

Aclay3754d ago

I think that most girls like Action/Adventure games or RPG's more than anything else though because I've noticed that's what a lot of girls like to play and it's definantly the kind of games that my sister loves playing... and of course the majority of girls love Guitar Hero/Rockband.

What really shocked me the most more than anything else is when my sister actually wanted to play God of War after watching me play it, in my mind I was thinking "Are you serious?", but she actually was serious and became really good at the game... when I showed her that God of War 3 trailer from E3, she got pretty excited too...just the story alone in the God of War series without even thinking about gameplay is enough to get almost anyone excited about GOW3 though.

By now, I think that the majority of girls should be pretty used to their guys playing video games anyways because that's just what the majority of guys do.

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