Players Can Shoot While Driving In Watch Dogs 2, Can Turn Off Co-Op Feature

Watch Dogs is back again in the form of Watch Dogs 2 and some questions that might be burning in your mind have been answered.

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Overload892d ago

The best thing about this game is you don't have to fire your weapon at all to complete everything in the game. That makes me instantly interested in it.

RuleNumber5892d ago

Yeah being able to beat the game non-lethally is a pretty cool thing! Definitely something I'm going to try, hope there's an achievement/trophy for doing that.

Servbot41892d ago

I gave zero fucks about this game until you posted that. Now am extremely interested, thanks for the heads up.

Overload892d ago

No problem. I couldn't care less about the first, but this one has my attention. Check out the IGN and GameSpot impression videos, they have even more info on it.

Zorkaz892d ago

Agreed 100%. This is a game about hacking, it's not GTA. I'm sure there's plenty of fun to be had, but not only is it more of a challenge to complete the game using the most hacking possible, but it makes the game a little more unique too. I think they did have to leave guns in though, as it allows for different playstyle, as long as they work a lot more on the hacking, because not only was it impossible in the first one to complete the game without gunfire, it was hard to just use hacking when there was the option ...

Also, how wouldn't you be able to turn off co-op? Not everyone has Xbox Live or whatever (GO PC!). It does sound like a cool feature though ...

-Foxtrot892d ago


Single player is where it's at

892d ago
Austin48892d ago

Good single player is what we want not multiplayer.

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