8 times game studios nailed South African accents in games

Here are some brilliant examples of when studios got actors who absolutely nailed South African accents.

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Sunny_D550d ago

Unfortunately, I don't have a real life south African person to compare them to, so I'll take their word.

Inzo550d ago

I can assure you, if there is one thing that U4 got wrong, it was Nadine's accent. At some places she sounded Australian.

Sunny_D550d ago

I figured. I mean they used a white american chick to voice her. I mean I'm sure they are talented, but real accents probably can't ever be replicated.

Blastoise550d ago

Yeah, I agree. I thought she was Australian for a while until I heard her henchman speak in a South African accent

slappy508550d ago

Yeah I couldn't make out if she was British or Australian. The mercs were nailed perfectly though even got in some of the slang terms in there while chatting to each other.
MGSV was also pretty accurate

ORyanDeee550d ago

as an australian who has some south african friends, id say she sounded more south african

mogwaii550d ago

She definitely did not sound aussie.

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Summons75550d ago

Considering she's British and at times Australian sounds British...that would make sense.

mogwaii550d ago

Australian hasnt sounded anywhere close to British since the 50's and even then it was only presenters ect.

crxss550d ago

Eh bru I'm glad MGSV made the list because that was probably the best game with South African accents

The 10th Rider550d ago

You mean seeth efrican accents? Lol. Always makes me think of Neill Blomkamp's movies.

Rhezin550d ago

"its just a fleeeesh wound"

Pancit_Canton550d ago

What's next?
8 times Video games nailed Japanese accents
8 times Video games nailed British accents
8 times Video games nailed American accents. lol

Big_Game_Hunters550d ago

Studios? you mean voice actor?

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