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Vampire Rain: Altered Species to Have 3.8GB HD Install

GamersPlatform reports:
"ArtToon is at it again, giving Vampire Rain a chance to be a big hit for the Playstation 3 next week. When GamersPlatform received the review copy of Vampire Rain: Altered Species last week, we were surprised to find out that the game will have a 3.8GB mandatory install!..." (PS3, Vampire Rain, Vampire Rain: Altered Species, Vampire's Rain)

Credit url: gamersplatform.com
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Hagaf22  +   2553d ago
4 gigs?!?!? now that just out of hand, think of the guys who have the original 20 gig? thats 20 percent of there total space for just that game. its getting to be too much, if some one owns 6 games that require 4 gig installs then they have to delete one everytime they want a change of pace. while sony has come a long way since the release of the ps3, they are slowly letting the devs getting out hand with required installed sizes. they should limit the installs.
Elimin8  +   2553d ago
Makes you wish there was a way to give out pre-installations on PSN.. So when you get a game that requires installation, you just pop it in and play.... I don't care for it, but if it's mandatory..Oh well...
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Hububla  +   2553d ago
dude stop crying...
its not like installs are a big deal.. i mean after ur done with the game and you trade it in or get to the point where ur not gunna play it anymore you just delete the install.. wow that was hard... and no HD space wasted
Hagaf22  +   2553d ago
im not crying, i have more than enough gigs after swapping out for 300 gigs, im talking about those other people who arent nessecarily tech savvy who just enjoy playing games, those who dont know how to do that, there plenty of instances where installs are becoming a bit much, im just saying sony should put a limit on the amount of install data that can be used. 4 gigs is a bit much which is going to take a while to install.
CrazedFiend  +   2553d ago
Why do the installs HAVE to be mandatory? I can understand the benefit of the installs, but why mandatory?
GutZ31  +   2553d ago
Would you guys please stop acting like you care about this game?

Really, does anyone REALLY give a flying fukaki about this horrible excuse for a game?
lsujester  +   2553d ago
The game is irrelevant to the argument. You can easily replace "Vampire Rain" with "MGS4" because the discussion is about mandatory installs, not whether the game is worth the HD space.
facepalm  +   2553d ago
A 4GB mandatory install for a game that is most likely going to suck like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner...

^-^ No lose for me, considering that I'm going to stay as far away from this game as possible. But for those poor chaps who are going to be suckered into this game...::pats on back:: God's Speed...
Raoh  +   2553d ago
lmfao they are out of their damn minds if they think i'm going to rent that crap

i was debating if i should rent it or not...

bad enough it was a crap game on the 360.... now they want me to play improved crap and install 4gb's of crap

LMFAO i cant believe no one at the developer or publisher just didnt stand up and say "why are we doing this?"
Jamegohanssj5  +   2553d ago
Lawl; you deserve a bubble for that one. I truly laughed out loud on that one and it's true also. I just pictured it in my head. They're at a conference and the head developer is like; wait, what in the hell are we doing this for?

Ozzyb  +   2553d ago
lol! I was thinking the same. Bubbles~
GutZ31  +   2553d ago
Played the Japanese store demo, there is nothing "improved".

This trash is given to much credit to be in the same league as real "games".

I suggest everyone skip this if they value there soul, or even if they don't.
kazuma  +   2553d ago
"ArtToon is at it again, giving Vampire Rain a chance to be a big hit for the Playstation 3 next week."

now really, don't even think of playing this. ur gonna regret it.
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Forbidden_Darkness  +   2553d ago
no now they think anyone is going to buy it, the demo is completely horrible and the game looks crappy as hell.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2553d ago
Isn't this that floppy game that was on the 360? I will pass, but I do love Vampires.

Stryfeno2  +   2553d ago
Looks like its time for all PS3 owners to buy another HDD. At this rate, these PS3 games should just come with a free HDD.
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PirateThom  +   2553d ago
Yeah, because everyone is going to buy Altered Species... I have had a 60HDD since launch and I still have a fair amount left on it, I'll probably upgrade once they add more stuff the store, since I've figured you can delete the install data of old games you don't play (but still keep your saved date since it's a different file).
Stryfeno2  +   2553d ago
Well with LBP, Resistance 2, COD5, and whatever else coming out this year prepare to shell out some money for a new HDD there buddy.

That is the most ridiculous thing I heard from a droid...Why would you want to uninstall old games unless you getting rid of them...Suppose a friend come over and he/she want to play one of your old games. So now every game you put in you have to reinstall.

Waste of time and a major headache...Well, that's the PS3 for ya.
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gambare  +   2553d ago
seems that you forgot about the coming soon mandatory install for the xbox360 games, enjoy.
Xheratuul  +   2553d ago
who would buy a flop? not me, but the 360 is still king of flops
Stryfeno2  +   2553d ago
Last time I checked the install on the 360 will be OPTIONAL...If you didn't know what the word mean....Lets review.

Optional \Op"tion*al\, a.
Involving an option; depending on the exercise of an option;
left to one's discretion or choice; not compulsory; as,
optional studies; it is optional with you to go or stay.
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zo6_lover27  +   2553d ago
@ Patchstation
Most of those games will either have an optional install or no install at all.
Its not that big of a deal buying a HDD for the ps3, I can just get a 160GB for about $70


Why do people think every ps3 game has a mandatory install? Most games have an OPTIONAL or NO install at all.
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juuken  +   2553d ago
Tell me Patchstation...why do you hate the PS3? I can list many reasons why I hate the 360 at the moment, but I'm curious about your situation.

I've seen videos of this game and it doesn't look *too* bad but I won't be touching it with a ten foot pole because it was a flop on the 360 and should have STAYED THERE.

I have better games to look forward to.
Stryfeno2  +   2553d ago
Don't get me wrong I dont hate the PS3...I plan to own a PS3 again but what I hate is when PS3 droids talk about 360 and spreading false info.
sak500  +   2553d ago

Time for name change my friend. Installstation3..
juuken  +   2553d ago
Just like when 360 fanboys spread false information? The PS3 has no games? The PS3 is just a bluray player?

Give me a break.

I don't hate the 360 but there are several factors that keep me back from buying one.
ravinshield  +   2553d ago
god when will this list come to an end???
oblivion...4.6gb required
sony may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
full auto 2...1.7gb required
spider man 3...2.3gb-five min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008....2.3gb required
F.E.A.R...2.5gb required
NBA 07....3gb-ten min install
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
conflict denied ops...2.5gb required
beowulf---2.5gb---five minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
Quake=4.1 GB install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK....05:24:00..minimum 5.4 GB required
Vampire Rain....3.8GB install required
bootsielon  +   2553d ago
And only these games are worth buying
oblivion...4.6gb required
sony (sic) may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK....05:24:00..minimum 5.4 GB required

These are 12 games worth buying with mandatory HDD install (and maybe I went too high considering I put Lost and Skate in there), but assuming the average PS3 owner has 7 games only (and let's be honest, that is still high), and the average PS3 install is 5 GB (which is too high), then you'd end up using 35GB, less than the 40GB PS3. Those that buy many more games can actually afford another HDD so there is no problem. And if you don't want to, can it really bother to manage your ps3's storage space? Only stupid Xbots keep finding reasons to complain.

I rather have to worry about managing my HDD than RROD. Xtards are funny.
psycho360  +   2553d ago

Last time i checked no hard drive had the same capacity as mentioned. 40GB will be 32-33gb, 120 will be 117Gb etc. So you can only hv 5 games at one time on a 40GB paystation3 provided you haven't got any demos, videos, patches, DLC, Firmware, Home etc on it.
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juuken  +   2553d ago
Ganging up with the disagrees aren't we...with the multiple accounts?

Installations do not bother me. I can sit down, read the manual, figure out how to use the controls or flip through the guide.

snoopgg  +   2553d ago
hey patchstation troll on your own console
You know whats a magor headache, having your friend over to play a game and your 360 rrods on you. What a headache having to wait about a month so your friend can play his favorite games. You know what is a arse ache, is having to pay for online gaming on the 360. Another headache, is knowing that the best games are coming to the ps3 this year. Do yourself and your arse a favor before you start talking out of them, take to asperin and call the doctor in the morning. Enough said troll......... But what do you expect, thats a 360 in a nutshell for you!!!!!
ElementX  +   2553d ago
Ha, mandatory installs suck, and I'm a PS3 owner.
Cartesian3D  +   2553d ago
6 people agree with you because:

mandatory installs suck, and You're a PS3 owner. !?

EDIT : 7 ppl
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Shadow Man  +   2553d ago
I don't think PS3 fans care about this game.
Keep that crap on the 360 where it belongs. LOL
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PirateThom  +   2553d ago
Keep that crap off consoles, period. No one deserves to have this, I'm glad it's on PS3 as well, if only to stop such a terrible game being exclusive to anything.
Morrissey  +   2553d ago
the 6 people that buy this game are gonna be upset.
Bladestar  +   2553d ago
mandatory installs sucks... this is why I think Sony needs to make 1 SKU with the lowest hard drive size in order to keep price low... I rather the PS3 didn't have a hard drive and be sold at $299 or $349 max... no matter what anyone that have lots of games will have to buy a new hard drive... so no point on paying for it on the PS3... unless of course sony releases a 500GB hard drive and keep the console at $399.
DarK-SilV   2553d ago | Spam
Darkiewonder  +   2553d ago
They really should have saved time by NOT putting this crap on the ps3 :\
MK_Red  +   2553d ago
Getting 4Gbs of bad sector would be better and more useful than installing this horrible game.
Vicophine  +   2553d ago
Dark Sector was awesome! >_>
Cartesian3D  +   2553d ago
he said BAD-sector dude!! wth r u talking about?..

ok enough..
Im not that stupid :P

/end sarcasm(sometimes its necessary )
SyphonFilter  +   2553d ago
why people talk crap about installs? i think its good becasue it increases load times. i know blu ray is slow but it really increases the speed and has advantages if you see games like dmc 4. i just delete the installs whenever i am done with the game or won't play it for a while.
GameOn  +   2553d ago
I think most peoples problem with this game is that it sucks balls. 4gig mandatory install is just the cherry on top.
Why o why  +   2553d ago
good game, no problem
crap game, No thanks
Relcom  +   2553d ago
oh this game is so bad, how dare they require a install
Serjikal_Strike  +   2553d ago
do we get a demo?
I want to judge for myself if this game sucks as bad as everyone is saying ....

Thanx Relcom....man that game does look horrible!
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Relcom  +   2553d ago
here is all you need to know
Ozzyb  +   2553d ago
That looks... like crap. lol.. I try to keep an open mind, but that looks like an average, stealth-shooter from last gen. Those three people who get this for Christmas (and die a little inside when they unwrap it) are gonna be bummed. 4 gig mandatory install? You know in 2 or 3 million years.. the Earth might be gone.. that effects me about the same amount.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2553d ago
I would install 20+ GB's just to play God of War 3, but this game aint even worth a single kb of install
Jamegohanssj5  +   2553d ago
Vampire Rain was a concept that looked great on paper. A stealth game with vampires? Excellent! Unfortunately, the end result is an abomination of a videogame that doesn't even deserve a rental. Stay far away from this one--though if you get close, the enemies probably won't even see you.

4.0 Presentation
The box art is cool. I'm serious, give it a look. The game occasionally displays some creepy tendencies, as the subject matter would dictate, but once characters start talking, everything goes to hell

4.0 Graphics
Other than the pre-rendered cinematics, every other facet of this game's aesthetics look last-gen. Lots of clipping, in addition to a wide variety of other glitches.

5.0 Sound
The soundtrack isn't bad, but is repetitious. Sound effects such as booming thunder and vampire howls are nice.

2.5 Gameplay
I'm pretty sure vampires can't be killed by one lone player, which makes the single-player game kind of rough, don't you think? Enemies are completely stupid, and each level features a single path.

0 Lasting Appeal
Appeal? This game has appeal? (KILLZOWNED Lawlz)

Terrible OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

_____________________________ _____

I felt the need to bring that up.
Ozzyb  +   2553d ago
"Stay far away from this one--though if you get close, the enemies probably won't even see you."

hahahaha.. 2nd funniest thing today, aside from Mattias laughing maniacally while I'm shooting rebel troops. Bubblessssss~
Jamegohanssj5  +   2553d ago
Right back at ya chief >_>.

IzKyD1331  +   2553d ago
no one was gonna buy the game anyway
chasegamez  +   2553d ago
this game sucks
it looks like a PS2 game
ill pass
by the way i have 320g hard drive
user858621  +   2553d ago
im not gona worry bout our 4gb installs, but are you bots really gona install 9gb games on ur tiny 120gb afta the update lol i know the 20gb guys would never lmao
Covenant  +   2553d ago
3.8 GB?

I can think of better uses than that for that much HD space.

I mean, 3.8 GB of John Tesh music would be better than installing and playing this game.

And that's saying something.
darkpower  +   2553d ago
My God, how could you? You have to be really low in order to make a post like that! You have to be something else to be able to equate those two things!

How DARE you insult...

TheColbertinator  +   2553d ago
This game is absolutely abysmal and broken.I played the 360 version and it is most likely the abortion of the century.That and Two Worlds.

Forsooth Ruffian!

Have at thee! Huzzah!
DiLeCtioN  +   2553d ago
Not sure
but i remember a game like this being crap and got below average reviews or is this another title?
Jamegohanssj5  +   2553d ago
Read my post above.

Vicophine  +   2553d ago
Installs are A-OK if the game is good..but Vampire Rain? I played the demo on the JP PS Store...wow >_>....
LordMe  +   2553d ago
As a small time reviewer I am getting this game at request. But I really don't want to play it. The install does not bother me, cause it wont be there for long.

But I do think that installs are stupid. Uncharted didn't have one. And it looked far better then this.
CouchKing0  +   2553d ago
Another lazy developer.

I won't be picking up this flop anyways.

(God damn it wrong zone)
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doshey  +   2553d ago
my new 320gb hdd laughs at this game and its install space
dkgshiz  +   2553d ago
Whats the point of this?
What a useless article. No ones going to buy this flop.
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