Vampire Rain: Altered Species to Have 3.8GB HD Install

GamersPlatform reports:
"ArtToon is at it again, giving Vampire Rain a chance to be a big hit for the Playstation 3 next week. When GamersPlatform received the review copy of Vampire Rain: Altered Species last week, we were surprised to find out that the game will have a 3.8GB mandatory install!..."

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Hagaf223457d ago

4 gigs?!?!? now that just out of hand, think of the guys who have the original 20 gig? thats 20 percent of there total space for just that game. its getting to be too much, if some one owns 6 games that require 4 gig installs then they have to delete one everytime they want a change of pace. while sony has come a long way since the release of the ps3, they are slowly letting the devs getting out hand with required installed sizes. they should limit the installs.

Elimin83457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Makes you wish there was a way to give out pre-installations on PSN.. So when you get a game that requires installation, you just pop it in and play.... I don't care for it, but if it's mandatory..Oh well...

Hububla3457d ago

its not like installs are a big deal.. i mean after ur done with the game and you trade it in or get to the point where ur not gunna play it anymore you just delete the install.. wow that was hard... and no HD space wasted

Hagaf223456d ago

im not crying, i have more than enough gigs after swapping out for 300 gigs, im talking about those other people who arent nessecarily tech savvy who just enjoy playing games, those who dont know how to do that, there plenty of instances where installs are becoming a bit much, im just saying sony should put a limit on the amount of install data that can be used. 4 gigs is a bit much which is going to take a while to install.

CrazedFiend3456d ago

Why do the installs HAVE to be mandatory? I can understand the benefit of the installs, but why mandatory?

GutZ313456d ago

Would you guys please stop acting like you care about this game?

Really, does anyone REALLY give a flying fukaki about this horrible excuse for a game?

lsujester3456d ago

The game is irrelevant to the argument. You can easily replace "Vampire Rain" with "MGS4" because the discussion is about mandatory installs, not whether the game is worth the HD space.

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facepalm3457d ago

A 4GB mandatory install for a game that is most likely going to suck like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner...

^-^ No lose for me, considering that I'm going to stay as far away from this game as possible. But for those poor chaps who are going to be suckered into this game...::pats on back:: God's Speed...

Raoh3457d ago

lmfao they are out of their damn minds if they think i'm going to rent that crap

i was debating if i should rent it or not...

bad enough it was a crap game on the 360.... now they want me to play improved crap and install 4gb's of crap

LMFAO i cant believe no one at the developer or publisher just didnt stand up and say "why are we doing this?"

Jamegohanssj53457d ago

Lawl; you deserve a bubble for that one. I truly laughed out loud on that one and it's true also. I just pictured it in my head. They're at a conference and the head developer is like; wait, what in the hell are we doing this for?


Ozzyb3456d ago

lol! I was thinking the same. Bubbles~

GutZ313456d ago

Played the Japanese store demo, there is nothing "improved".

This trash is given to much credit to be in the same league as real "games".

I suggest everyone skip this if they value there soul, or even if they don't.

kazuma3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

"ArtToon is at it again, giving Vampire Rain a chance to be a big hit for the Playstation 3 next week."

now really, don't even think of playing this. ur gonna regret it.

Forbidden_Darkness3457d ago

no now they think anyone is going to buy it, the demo is completely horrible and the game looks crappy as hell.