The Japanese Resistance 2 trailer

Ps3 Fanboy reports:-

"Ever wondered what an alien invasion of America would sound like ... in Japanese? Good, because this will hit the spot. This new trailer from PlayStation Japan highlights many of the epic battles that we've come to associate with the upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS. The game looks better with every new trailer they release, and this is no different. While this may tantalize our senses, we wonder how many Japanese (who usually dislike FPS games) will actually pay attention to this upcoming game. "

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cahill3676d ago

R2 will do as well as R1 or even better
But it will surely smash some sales records in USA and Europe

UNCyrus3676d ago

i see your not making any outrageous predictions on this comment board... However, I could see R2 easily selling 300k copies in Japan. It is over 2 years since the first title released, and the ps3 install base in Japan has grown substantially since then. However, we'll be able to see for ourselves when the game releases in just over 2 months... can't hardly wait

Overr8ed3676d ago

yea R:FoM did good in the Japaneses market which isnt very FPS oriented like the US and the UK. So I think that R2 would follow in its footsteps

cahill3676d ago

is the most sold console FPS in Japan

Ofcourse i can expect R2 to be bigger in sales there. It has a definite chance

IzKyD13313676d ago

@ cahill
it sold more than Halo 3 Im sure of that lol

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perseus3676d ago

Just look at the sales figures. FPSs are almost as popular in Japan as they are elsewhere.

cahill3676d ago

In Japan Fpses are not very popular

However RFOM was a smashing hit

IzKyD13313676d ago

actually no, japan hates almost every game genre except rpgs (or should i say jrpgs) and maybe the action genre, this is why I dont like japanese gamers, they are so accustomed to only playing one or two types of games they dont even give something new a chance

perseus3674d ago

Instead of parroting what other people have told you, I suggest you actually look at the figures. COD4 was, and maybe still is, in the PS3 top five for at least 4 months. Battlefield is hugely popular.

I am right, sorry. I live here, I know more than you do.

cahill3676d ago

R2 will match or top it for sure

cahill3676d ago


the game looks so much better now

IzKyD13313676d ago

you wouldn't believe how many times I saw that footage lol

Shaka2K63676d ago

Yeah gears of war 2 looks so mediocre next to R2.

cahill3676d ago

that u keep looking at it over and over and over again

Exia3675d ago

Wow, the Japanese voices are so good! I wish they have a language setting in R2 for the US where you can change the spoken dialogue! And I hope this will help FPS penetrate the Japanese market in Japan. I highly doubt though, but here's hoping that it would!

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The story is too old to be commented.