Warhammer Online Rewards Nudity

While at PAX, TGR spoke with EA Mythic about Warhammer Online, and uncovered a series of in-game achievements that require nudity.

No, seriously.

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cain1413697d ago

Wow... Talk about monitoring everything...

Caxtus7503697d ago

I think it means "underwear" rather than "naked."

Basically, completing dungeons without armor takes some SERIOUS skill so they will reward it. That is my understanding of it anyway.

bomboclaat_gamer3697d ago

so. in order for mankind to multiply we have to get nude at some point. nudity is a necessity

Nick27283697d ago

I'm not sure whether this is just a cheap gag or a the result of depressingly on key market analysis. Either way it's weird.

ihaten4glol3697d ago

Odd. It's kind of entertaining though.

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